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Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 – Step by Step guide!

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This post is about ‘Hard Reset Galaxy S4’, Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best android based smart phone, Galaxy S4 have lots of awesome features like Smart Pause, Dual Shot, Air View or Air Gesture, Recording, Group Play: Sharing Music, Optical Reading, ChatON: Dual Video Call, Slimmer Yet Stronger, Smart Scroll, S Translator, Samsung Watch ON and many other. But after exploring your Samsung Galaxy too much it’s speed, flow and processing speed will decrease and performance goes down and down.

At this time we try to increase the performance speed so we try to remove some apps and data from our Samsung galaxy S4 but we didn’t satisfy with it because performance is still poor, many reasons behind the slow processing of Samsung Galaxy S4 like Too much application, Almost a full memory, viruses etc. And also when you update your Samsung Galaxy S4 from one android version to another, then slow processing speed problem will occur.

Solution for the above problem (Slow processing of Samsung Galaxy S4) is “Hard Reset”, Now you are thinking that what is hard reset and how to use it, I will explain your both of the questions, i was also written one article on how to reset samsung galaxy S4

What is Hard Reset (Factory Reset)?

Hard reset is a inbuilt function of Samsung Galaxy S4, it is also known as Factory Reset, Hard reset allows you to reset your phone without using anyy software, app or tool, this Hard reset function is available in setting of your Samsung Galaxy S4, You can easily reset your phone using Factory reset function, Remember one thing when you use factory reset function it delete all of the data including contacts, apps, Internal and external data, widgets etc. After Hard reset your phone you will get same phone settings, apps and widgets which you got when you bought your Galaxy S4, the Factory reset function never downgrade your phone’s android operating system.

Hard reset (Factory reset) is mainly used when we want to increase the performance of our Samsung Galaxy S4, it is also used when any user wants to sell their headset and don’t want to give any of their data like apps, contact, internal and external memory data then the user simply hard resets their Samsung Galaxy S4 and sell it.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4?

There are many ways available to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4, Today I will explain you three easiest methods to do Factory reset on your phone.

1) Hard reset from the Settings Menu

2) Hard reset using Dial pad

3) Hard reset using Hardware keys

I will explain all of the three methods to you, before starting resetting your phone, simply take backup of your important data on any external device so after hard reset you can easily get back your data in the phone.

Factory Reset Galaxy S4 – Procedure

1) Factory Reset Galaxy S4 using Settings Menu

Step 1:  Open your Samsung Galaxy S4 settings

Step 2: Choose ‘account’ option from above Tab

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 3: Now select ‘Backup and Reset’

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 4: After that select ‘Factory Data Reset’ option

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Read all condition Carefully

Step 5: Now select the ‘Reset Device’ option

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 6: Now click on ‘Delete all data’

Step 7:  Now after few minutes hard reset process will complete

2)   Factory Reset Galaxy S4 using Dial pad

If you are a lazy person like me and don’t want to do hard reset using above method and then here are the easiest way. You can hard reset your galaxy S4 using the dial pad, most of peoples prefers dial pad method to reset their Samsung Galaxy S4, follow the below procedure to reset your phone using Dial pad method.

Step 1: First of all open your phone dialing keypad

Step 2: Now dial the number *2767*3855#

Step 3: Press call button

That’s all 🙂 After this hard reset process will automatically start and reset your phone properly.

3) Factory Reset using Hardware keys

This method is very helpful for those users whose phone is not responding properly & hanged again and again so they can’t be able to reach the settings menu or dial to reset their phone. So for the solution of that problem, simply use this method, this method is also used to “Unlock pattern lock” app,  this method is a bit difficult than above methods, but I will explain you in detail so you can easily use this method to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S4, Simply follow the below procedure.

Step 1: First of all, turn off your Galaxy S4 phone

Step 2: Now simply press and hold “Home button + Power button + Volume plus button “until your Galaxy S4 vibrates, for help see the below image.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 3: After that, simply leaves the “Home button” but please keep hold ‘Power button + Volume plus button’.

Step 4: Now logo of Samsung phone will come, simply leave the other two keys

Step 5: After that select the “Wipe/ Data factory reset” and navigate using  Volume Button + and – Button

Step 6: Now select “Wipe/ Data factory reset” option using a Home button key

Step 7: Select “Delete All Data” option using Volume button key and home button

Step 8: Now resetting process will start automatically, when the process is complete simply power on your Samsung galaxy S4.

That all J Now your Galaxy S4 is ready to use.


1) The hard reset process will delete all of your data.

2) Before starting the hard reset process on your Samsung Galaxy S4, make backup of your data like contacts, apps, internal and external memory data etc.

Hope you like our post, If you have any doubt then let me know in by below commenting, I will try to solve your doubts.


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