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Google Nexus 6 Specifications, Features and Release Date

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The smartphone manufacturing companies are fighting a tough fight across the globe to be on the top. The likes of Samsung, Apple, Sony and HTC are giving their extreme to push the technology to its utmost limit.

The Google’s Nexus series phones are also in the very much hunt while we talk about the best smartphones in the market and being from the android community it has over ¾ part of the user base to conquer.

The next release form the Google will be Nexus 6, the phone has already created the much needed rumors about its specifications, features and availability which could boost up its sales. Here are a few of them.

How It’ll Look Like?

nexus 6 phone

The Nexus phones have been manufactured by the famous tech giant LG and this time also the predictions are same. The LG gave the priority to the plastic body for the previous Nexus phones, but, this time it may choose the metal for the extra shinning edge and to avoid the criticism like Galaxy S5.

The display will be around 5.5 inches long with the extreme screen resolution of 1450×2500 and over 500 PPI density, which I guess will be enough to provide the full HD view.

Processor and OS

The Nexus 6 is supposed to feature an octa-core 3 GHz Qualcomm Sanpdragon 801 processor and with this the phone will enter the 64-Bit arena as well. The RAM support will be around 3 GB to support the smooth functionality of the apps and features.

If we talk about OS, then the Google has the tendency of launching the new android version every time with the launch of its new Nexus device. The Nexus 6 will also be following the same legacy by introducing the new android 4.5 or 5.0 version named as Lollypop or Lion Bar.

Powerful Camera and Extra-Smart Features

The Nexus 6 will have to face the stiff competition from the Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S or maybe from Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 too, so it has to feature a blasting camera to lead the race.

The Google has confirmed a revolutionary camera for its devices and Nexus 6 seems to start the trend with a whooping 16-20 MP HDR mode camera. It’s really revolutionary I guess!

On the features part, the Nexus 6 will be completely waterproof and will be having the fingerprint scanner like iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5. It may also come with the smartphone mirroring technology which will allow you to view your content on your TV.

Release Date of Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 won’t be available before the second half of the year as said by the company so we expect the launch of it sometime during September-October just like its predecessors. The authority has not confirmed Google Nexus 6 release date yet.

Wrap Up

The Nexus series is definitely an anticipated series of smartphones which has delivered the full value against the money spent by customers throughout the world.

Though, this time it would be interesting to see the response of the users for Nexus 6 as it has to fight with other some of the best devices like iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 and HTC One New (M8). 


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  1. Actually a well written article. All 5 Nexus phones have been released in between Oct 31 – January. That will be the target date again. The Nexus phones are on an annual release cycle.
    BATTERY. PLEASE put in a bigger battery. The Galaxy Nexus (gen3) battery was pathetic and the Nexus 5 battery is not much better. The LG G2 on which the Nexus 5 is based has a 3,000 mAH battery, while the Nexus 5 has a 2,300 mAh battery.
    Before release, people who expressed concern about the MUCH SMALLER battery size were told Google knew what they were doing — that KitKat would use less battery, that the Snapdragon 800 would use less battery, blah, blah, blah. NO, Google screwed up yet again with the battery size. Just give us a bigger battery already. I’ll pay $50 more for a bigger battery!

  2. Google is always known for his cheap price and best specs.It is expected same from Nexus 6 also.If it so then it will be nice for its fan.

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