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Why Google Chrome takes long time to open?

This post is about solution of Google Chrome takes long time to open – Google chrome is one of the famous and freeware web browser which is developed by Google developers, Google Chrome is officially launched on 11 December 2008. In today’s date Google Chrome is the top most freeware web browser, Google also launch the Google chrome browser for Smartphones. There are lots of features in Google which makes it different from other web browsers.

Now I am discussing here the topic why Google Chrome takes long time to open the application or loading the page (Website), there are lots of reasons behind it.

Why Google chrome slow to load?

1)     Many times this problem occurs from Malware or viruses.

2)     If you have installed lots of Extensions in Google Chrome.

3)     If someone configured Chrome to access websites through a Web proxy.

Many times this problem occurs from Malware or Viruses but if you scanned your pc or laptop and you didn’t find any Malware or Viruses in your pc or laptop then first go and remove the extensions (apps) which you have installed in your Google Chrome browser and after doing both of above steps you will find that still Google Chrome takes long time to open then I am sure that this problem is solved by configured to access pages through a web proxy. Check whether the “Resolving proxy” message appears in the lower-left corner of the browser window, there are lot’s of other Cool Google tricks to speedup your Google Chrome browser, here we will discuss all of them.

Here are the solution for this Google Chrome problem.

Why Google Chrome takes long time to open – Procedure

Follow these step to change the proxy settings in Google Chrome

1)    First click on the Menu button

2)    Then open the settings Google Chrome takes long time to open 3)    Now click on the Show advanced settings 

4)    Click on the “Change proxy settings”

5)    Select the Connection tab and click on LAN Settings

6)    And uncheck (Deselect) the Automatically detect settings

7)    Press OK Button Google Chrome takes long time to open

That’s all after following above steps and different methods hopefully your problem “Google Chrome takes long time to open” will be solved, After following the above way you will Make Google Chrome Fast Again. If you are still having this problem then let me know by commenting below with Details of your operating system and Google Chrome version.


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  1. hi. i had this issue for a few days, i reinstalled chrome (manually as it just wont reinstall). but it still takes time to open.
    And i cant seem to click on the “change proxy settings” dialog box.

    What is the issue here?

    • Subia First clear Chace of your browser then try to open change proxy settings and follow the above process!

  2. Bundle of thanx for this valuable tip now my google works very fast.

  3. Did what was Told, still takes 10 min plus for chrome to start, both discs have enough room, help me please

  4. I had a problem with google chrome not connecting properly and had already unchecked that lan thing about a month or two ago to resolve the problem as google help had told me.It had solved my current problem at the time but now it’s taking up to 5 minutes to open google when I take out all my desk wires (I have a second screen and better speakers at my desk) and lay in bed do do some quick checks on things before bed (I assure you nothing nasty,just a few youtube videos or weather) but lately it had annoyed me very much and wasted my time to have to wait for google to open.It eventually does but one night I ended up just shutting it down once it opened 10 minutes later.It doesn’t seem to be taking so long right after I open it from sleep mode,but it’s really confusing for the computer person I am to not know the solution.I have a Windows 8.1 (upgraded to 8.1 after finding out it was a solution to the audio getting seized by a certain program and they didn’t want to fix for 8.0 users) and a Samsung model.Also there is an intel Pentium inside.Sorry for babbling but please if you could help if would be appriciated

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