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Gmail Offline App

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Gmail Offline Sync And Storage

It is a Google chrome app that allows users to manage their Gmail account while they are in offline mode. All the changes made by the user in Gmail Offline App are automatically updated when the user go back online similar to Microsoft Outlook.

Sync Between Offline and Online

This app synchronize the messages present in your Gmail inbox or in your Drafts for the last seven days or as chosen by you but it never syncs the messages present in trash or spam . You have to keep Google chrome running in order to sync messages between online and offline otherwise it fails till you not start the Google chrome again. You won’t see the changes you made offline until Gmail Offline syncs.

Message Storage

If you are using Gmail offline and you have enabled offline mail storage then any one can access to your mail having access to your browser.

So DO NOT INSTALL this app in a public or shared computer.

Note:  You have the option to choose whether you enable or not offline mail storage. If you choose not to allow offline mail storage, you can continue to use Gmail Offline while online, but no mail will be stored on your browser and therefore no mail will be available offline But you can remove offline data.


  • There is one issue with signature as it is not displayed while composing a mail but are still included after sending.
  • Gmail Labs are not supported.
  • There is a size limit for each attachment which is 5mb and total size of all attachments is 25Mb exceeding which a alert will appear.
  • This version of Gmail offline works only with Google chrome

Getting Started How to use Gmail offline

Step 1

Sign in into your Google account using Google chrome browser

Step 2

Go to Gmail offline pages in the chrome web store

Then click on “add to chrome” you will recieve a prompt shown below

Gmail Offline


Cick “add” this will install the App showing the following screenshot

add gmail offline






step 4
Now Click on “Launch App”

Then you will be asked to check “Allow Offline mail”

allow offline









Click on allow offline mail and then “continue”

Your Gmail mailbox displayed in the offline mail mode

You’re done.

Removing Gmail offline

you can uninstall this app if it becomes useless for you by launching a new tab, right clicking the icon and choosing “Remove from chrome”

Click remove to confirm

This does not delete the offline data from your system; and Moreover Google Recommends to do the following steps:

  • Type chrome://settings/cookies into your address bar and press enter.
  • Search for mail .google.com
  • Now remove the data showing there.


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