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Gobiflow for podio

GlobiFlow for Poido – Detailed Review

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Introduction to GlobiFlow for Poido :

With GlobiFlow for Podio, you can automate crucial activities as well as set up causes for vital time-sensitive actions. GlobiFlow is so detailed that you have the ability to transform Podio into a a lot more sophisticated, vibrant, business management system.

Gobiflow for podio

Key Features :

  • Automate your Processes
  • Visualize your Data
  • Police your Data

Gobiflow for podio

Benefits Of GlobiFlow for Poido :

Develop operations to immediately produce or upgrade records, designate tasks, as well as send out tailored email notifications to clients when records are upgraded baseding on your company guidelines.

Acquire alerts when any record in Podio is upgraded and violates your company rules, as well as trigger process when time-sensitive records get to or exceed their time frame.Get visual feedback by transforming any report into a chart or chart to show in any kind of workspace or app, or even in specific products if wish a dash app appropriate inside Podio.

Detailed Overview :

If you’ve been utilizing Podio for any sort of size of time, you’ve no question fallen in love with it. The power of Podio originates from it’s remarkable versatility. You could effortlessly begin as well as develop your Apps and Workspaces iteratively in time– something I’ve never managed to perform in the adoption of any other platform.

Among the greatest things we would like to attain in our very own company was to automate as long as possible within Podio. It started with simple things like when an item is developed to designate a job, or to send an e-mail when a project went over-budget, yet it soon mushroomed right into a flexible Podio Workflow Automation system in it’s own right.

The opportunities are virtually limitless with exactly what you can attain with GlobiFlow for Podio. You can specify circulations to set off when certain occasions take location, specify under which health conditions (filters) they should implement, and define any number of actions to do.

Circulations could be triggered by day or date, or when a Podio Thing is developed or upgraded. They could also be activated by other circulations, so you could daisy-chain them together for a lot more complex circumstances.

What started as an automation device also quickly became a policing system. Considering that Podio is sometimes looser on permissions than managers like, several of our clients make use of GlobiFlow for Podio to send notifies as well as designate activities if folks do things they shouldn’t.


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