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Giant Robot Fighting Between Japan and USA

Watch the giant Robot have some fun.Is he Japanese or American?


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“Japanese Robot maker Suidobashi Heavy Industry released a video on youtube

formally accepting a dual from US based Megabots.The two companys have both

created “giant fighting robots”,that will apparently clash in combat at some

undetermined point in the future” Says Damon Beres of the Huffington post.

These giant fighting robots one from Japan and the other from USA, will battle it out

in a public fight to determine which country has the best fighting robot.

Both are looking to be declared the winners.


We are wondering if these fighting giant robots, from Japan and USA  will become the next future spectator sport?

As giant robots are part of Japanese culture they will be very keen to ensure their robot defeats the USA based robot and wins at any cost.

This determination  will make for an  exciting action packed fighting event that will have their audience enthralled at the fighting capabilities of the Japanese and USA robots.

Sourced : Mashable .com





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