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youtube video convert to mp3

10 Free Online Tools to Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3

As an internet user, whether you are a blogger, internet marketer or a just a user using internet daily or sometimes, you all know about this leading video sharing website where tons of people uploading their best videos and tons of others are watching it online. Yes, you know what we’re talking about! It’s all about YouTube we’re talking.

Convert youtube video to mpr online

But sometimes you may need a song in mp3 file format that is on YouTube, let suppose you want to listen songs on your mobile device later or on your computer, so in that cases you need to download the songs in mp3 file format. As there is no option given in YouTube by itself, but here are a lot of websites (works as a web-apps) which let you convert a YouTube video to mp3 online before you download it as a video and then convert. And in this post we’re here with the list of 10 websites which let you do it.

Free Online Tools To Convert YouTube Videos To Mp3 Online:

Now let have a look to the list of websites which allow you to convert a YouTube video to mp3 file format before downloading the video.

YouTube-mp3: YouTube-mp3 is an online tool that let you convert a YouTube video to mp3 file format by providing it a URL of a YouTube video and pasting It into the box here at YouTube-mp3’s website. This website uses a simple and user-friendly interface for converting a YouTube video to mp3, i.e once you entered a URL of a video and clicked on ‘Convert Video’ button it detects the video and after detecting, starts their conversion; it takes just a few moments and gives you a download link to download the converted video in mp3 format. Now you’ve to click on Download button so the downloading of the mp3 will be start automatically.

converting youtube videos to mp3

Music Video 2 Mp3: Another best and free web-application I found on internet is here. This tool allow you either to convert a video to mp3 file format (both 128/320 kbps)or convert a YouTube video to FLV, MP4, 3GP etc too. Isn’t that a great tool? To convert your video using this website, you’ve to copy a URL of a video either of a YouTube, vimeo or from dailymotion and paste into the box, then click on convert button. It takes only a few seconds to convert the video and gives you an option to save video to your computer or to your dropbox.

convert youtube video into mp3

ClipConverter: I think this will not be a new name for you! This is among one of the most popular and advanced online video converter. Basically, this tool not only allow you to convert video to mp3 from YouTube, but also it gives you many more option like FLV, 3GP, mp4, AVI, etc. to convert your video to. Here what you need to do is to paste a url of a YouTube video and then click on continue button, as you click on continue button, it starts detecting the video, once it detects the video you have to click on START button, so the page refreshes and you’ve to click on the download button to start downloading the converted video in mp3 file format.

MakeJar: If I talk about this tool, then this is a web –based application which is specially built for mobile users. This can be used to convert/Download videos on mobile for mobile devices. Most of others services use flash-based interface so it can’t be used on all mobiles, but this one is a special one for the users who browse the internet from their mobile phone and want to download mp3 songs on mobile phone, so here what you’ve to do is to select “only audio” from the drop-down arrow. And then copy a URL of a YouTube video and paste it into the box provided. Finally, click on go button so it will give you direct download button from where you can download the converted video.

convert youtube videos into mp3

Music-clips:  Music clips are also a good one for converting YouTube videos to the mp3 file format. It is very simple to perform a conversion with this one. i.e paste URL in the box, and click on convert button.

youtube video mp3 converter

You4Mp3: You4mp3 can convert videos of Dailymotion, YouTube like video sharing websites to either mp3 or FLV,3GP, Mp4 etc. The process of converting a video using this tool is easy and straight forward. First paste a URL of a video, Second, choose an output format and then click on convert button so it will convert the video to mp3 file format and gives you a direct download link.

Yonverter: Yonverter is also a very good web application which can convert a YouTube video to the mp3 file format. The site is so simple and easy to convert your videos to. You will need to paste the url of the video you needed in mp3 file format at the box, situated at the top of the website. And click on convert and download button. In a few seconds, you get a direct download link so by clicking on it an automatic download starts!

convert youtube videos to mp3 free

You can also use video2mp3, convert2mp3 etc. To convert videos on YouTube to mp3 file format easily and fast.

So above, we mentioned some best and free websites which enables you to convert your video to mp3 file format online and then download it. I hope the post was useful for you and you liked that post.


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