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10 free iPad Apps for educators

10 free IPad Apps for educators and other stakeholders of education

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The field of education has changed its directions and approaches because of the involvements and influences of technology. Therefore, considering these attributes there have been different kinds of I Pad apps established in order to support and enhance the phenomenon of education to a great extent.  These amazing and result-oriented free IPad Apps for educators can be used without incurring any cost and, as a result, the teaching phenomenon could be improved to a considerable level. These 10 free apps are discussed, which are as follows:

10 Free IPad Apps for Educators 


free IPad Apps for educators When it comes to taking full advantages of IPad apps then this ask3 app could be utilized to a large extent. This is because of the reason that by means of using this app a classroom can be transformed into enhanced performance team. Therefore, this app is quite useful and productive because this app provides teachers and students equal opportunity to interact and communicate with each other.

The classroom iPads could be changed to whiteboards in such a manner that student activities that are performed in this whiteboard could be procured. The other benefit of using the Ask3 app is the enhancement of students with students’ collaboration that ultimately provides advantages to teachers as they are able to increase their teaching effectiveness.   



chirpThis is quite an amazing app because this app works on the assumption of sound. This is an important aspect to consider because of its importance that chirp app is helpful in sharing stuff or content such as images or pictures, notes and links with each other. These sorts of content could be transferred from one I phone to another and at the same time students could use this app in order to share their photos that are taken from their cameras with other students. 



goclassThis app is productive when it comes to improving the classroom experiences or scenarios in general. This is arguably one of the best cloud-based learning apps that helps in developing association among teachers and students. This association could be created in such a manner that teachers are connected with students through the help of their mobile devices. In this manner, it can be assumed that learning of students could be improved to sufficient levels. This thing is quite attractive and appealing for many students and teachers as the services or features of GoClass app can be used on I Pad apps, I Phone and Ipods as well.

In order to use this app to a large extent, students or teachers are required to create their free GoClass account so that lesson plans can be developed appropriately. This is the way through which teachers or educators could use and images, links and other stuff in order to plan and organize the content of lessons in the best possible manner.


Group Maker

free IPad Apps for educatorsThis app works amazingly well when there is need of developing diverse groups, at the same time these groups could be generated on the basis of gender, performance or conduct, and culture. In this app, teachers can plan and organize their students based on ethnicity, and other factors that could meet the requirements of teachers.


ITunes U

itunes uThis is another interesting and informative education app that can be used for the purpose of accessing or approaching different courses of various schools or universities. This app provides an innovative facility of free educational content that can be further used in I Pads, I Phones, and I Pod touch as well.



showbieThe teachers could utilize this amazing showbie app in order to assess and examine the students work on their I Pads in an efficient manner. This app also provides the features of giving assignments to students from anyplace anytime. At the same time, students could also use this app for the purpose of applying creative and innovative ideas in their various academic tasks. They can use different social media platforms for the sake of improving the outlook of their assignments and other tasks. The teachers could use showbie in order to collect and review the schoolwork and students tasks in the digital form. 



TED appIn reality, TED app provides the discussions or conversations of various renowned or famous people who have attained marvelous achievements in their respective fields. Actually all these people belong to various walks of lives, there are kinds of videos available or in other words a library has been established that provides thousands of informative videos on different topics. These videos have subtitles and at the same time these videos are available in around 100 languages that are spoken all over the world.



twitterThis is an interesting and informative app because different kinds of stories, videos, information, images and other attributes can be placed or stored in the timeline. Students, as well as teachers both, can various advantages by the help of using the Twitter app in an appropriate manner. At the same time, students and teachers could utilize this platform by means of sharing videos, images, and comments with others.



ziteThis app actually offers the facility or features of the magazine through which students and teachers could attain information and awareness regarding different aspects. This app actually observes or examines various kinds of stuff that are related to the interests of students and teachers. In this manner, Zite explores or identifies unique content that is informative and appealing to the eyes of students. At the same time, Zite works in correlation with beauty and brain in such a manner that it offers beautiful design and also includes the powerful search engine.


Mastery Scan

masterBy the help of this unique and productive app, teachers are able to scan plain paper sheets that are present in I Pads. This app has been specifically designed for teachers in order to support their professional development to a considerable level.


Final Thoughts

For the sake of attaining maximum benefits, teachers are required to use and apply all these apps in order to improve their teaching phenomenon. The amazing thing about all these apps is the cost effectiveness as they can be used without paying any charges or free of cost. Therefore, teachers should maximize the application of these applications so that they can make the learning process productive and attractive for students. If we have missed or if you know more free IPad Apps for educators please leave them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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