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How To Find / Remove / Disable Plugins In Any Browser

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As an internet user I can say you’ll be using many Plugins on your browser, There are so many Plugins on the internet which we apply to our browser for some purp Disable Pluginsoses, But do you know it will also slow down your internet speed? Because every time when you start your browser, the Enabled Plug-in also starts working so it also drink the juice of your internet connection.
Although, some Plugins are useful and make some ease which don’t need to disable, as I am telling about the unwanted, means that which are not in our daily internet usage. For example, you installed a “Dictionary look-up” plug-in which is very useful for us so don’t go to disable this but disable those which you’re not using, and you just applied it blindly.

How To Disable Plugins In Your Browser:

Now here we’re going to start the tutorial how to find and then disable the Plugins you installed in your browser. So here we’ll now share the process of finding and removing/disabling unwanted Plugins for all major browsers individually, i.e. Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, And IE..

Let get started…

Disabling Plugins In Google Chrome:

You can see all the Plugins you installed in your google chrome browser, by entering “chrome://plugins/” in a chrome address bar and hitting the Enter button. All the Plugins you installed on a page will appear. Expand the ‘Details’ arrow (Present at the right upper corner) to see the details about every plug-in, including Name, Version, Location (Where it installed in your computer), and some more details. Now after you realize a plug-in is useless then let Disable it by clicking on “Disable” Link. Wasn’t this so easy?

Disable Plugins

How To Find And Disable Useless Plugins In Opera:

Now If you’re using opera web-browser then here is the process of finding and disabling unwanted applications/Plugins from it. What you need to do is to enter “opera:plugins” in opera address bar. The Plugins page appears with the Plugins you installed. Tick the ‘Details’ Checkbox to see full details of each plug-in. Similar is the process of disabling an unwanted plug-in as was in earlier discussed, i.e Click on ‘Disable’ Or if you want to disable all the installed Plugins than just Uncheck the “Enable Plugins” checkbox.

Process Of Finding And Removing Unwanted Plugins From Mozilla Firefox:

To find the installed Plugins on your Mozilla Firefox browser, you’ve to click on the ‘Menu’ button and select the ‘Add-Ons’ from the dropdown list. Then from the ‘Add-ons manager’ click on “Plugins’. Now you’ll see all the Plugins you have installed till this time on Firefox. Click the disable button to disable it. You can prevent a plug-in from automatic updates by clicking on “Gear” icon at the top and unchecking the “Update Add-ons Automatically” option from the dropdown list.

Disable PluginsYou can also check out the enabled Plugins in Mozilla browser by going to “about : plugins”.

Disable Plugins In Internet Explorer:

Now here let discuss the process of disabling unwanted Plugins from internet explorer. So to find the installed Plugins on IE you’ve to click on ‘Tools’ at the right upper corner and select ‘Manage Add-ons’ from the list. A new window appears with the Plugins you installed in IE. So if there you find a plug-in that you want to disable then right click on it, you will see some details about this plug-in. Click the ‘Disable’ button (at the right bottom) to disable this plug-in. You can see more information about the selected plug-in by clicking on ‘More Information’ link.

So friends, above we mentioned some tips for disabling unwanted Plugins from all the major browser. I recommend you to disable all the plug-in that you’re not using anymore, So must check out the installed Plugins in your browser following the above instructions.
Now is the time to look forward to hear from our readers that how this post was helpful for them or not.

Author Bio:
“Basheer Ahmad” is a computer geek, He loves to surf online and find something useful on the internet and then share it with others, As recently he found some Free Online Video Converters check out the article : “Free Online Video Converters.


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