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Be Familiar with the Touch Pico – A Miracle In Technologies

What height technology will reach, no one can predict accurately.

Take a View at the latest Touch Pico. A very Handy projector which turns any surface into a giant 80″ interactive Touchscreen. Everyone is familiar with this technology in films but now they can use  it in their real world.

Developed through crowd funding it performs a huge success by gathering enough money within 24 hours. Take a look at its crowd funding journey At ‘indiegogo’. It raised more than $850,000 on Indiegogo with more than 2500 backers.

Use Versatility

You don’t need now an expensive handy big projector or laptop to present your latest ideas.
It is tiny and  you can carry it in your pocket.

No need for paper cardboard,whiteboard or any such thing , just turn any surface into your whiteboard


Very helpful due to its small design and capability transferred from classroom to classroom eliminating costly hardware upgrades

Playing Games will be fun using this technology, using stylus and having an awesome adventure.

You can order this tech gadget ‘Touch Pico’ on Atouchjet

Go Grab it and have some fun In your life.


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