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Dr. Fone for Android for Data Recovery

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On August 12, 2015
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If you need to recover lost data ,Dr Fone can do this .

If you have an Android phone, you will know just how hard it is to recover a file that you’ve accidentally deleted from your device. No, the file hasn’t been permanently deleted, it stays on in your device, but it’s hard to get it back as your Android OS does not have a “Recycle Bin” like your PC does.

So, unless you use a special Android data recovery app, your data remains lost for all practical purposes. And Dr. Fone for Android, is easily one of the best Android data recovery app out there. Let’s find out more about Dr. Fone for Android and how it works.

What is Dr. Fone and What Does It Do?

Dr. Fone for Android is a highly innovative application that makes retrieving missing data as easy as it gets. It helps you recover a lot of information that would have otherwise been lost – pictures, documents, music and more. It has an attractive layout and a user friendly interface and offers a simple step-by-step guide to someone using it for the first time. Dr. Fone offers a free version, which lacks the features of the regular paid version and is not as reliable.

How Good is Dr. Fone for Android?

Dr. Fone recovers photos, contacts, messages, videos, audio files, documents, call history, your history on messaging apps such as WhatsApp and more. No, Dr. Fone isn’t perfect and does not recover all deleted files, but it recovers many more than the other Android data recovery apps in this category.

Dr. Fone isn’t exactly cheap – it costs $49.95 which is a steep price to pay for an Android app, but does the trick. You may, for instance, have a photo or a file that has been deleted from your device accidentally, which is worth its weight in gold to you. Dr. Fone helps recover that.



Scenarios in Which Your Data May Get Deleted…

There are several ways for your date to get deleted or lost from your Android device. You may lose data while installing a new ROM or when updating the software on the smart phone. Often, when this happens, your contacts, videos, pictures and a lot of the internal storage get automatically deleted. Even when you replace older files with newer versions, you may not want the data to be lost forever.

Using Dr. Fone for Android…

That’s why Dr. Fone for Android is so useful. Using Dr. Fone is a simple matter of installing the program on your PC or Mac and then connecting your Android device to it. While doing so, you will have to turn the USB Debugging mode ON. You can select the type of files that are to be recovered.

For instance, if you would like only videos to be recovered, you can set the option to “Videos”. This would save you the trouble of, say, going through the hundreds of audio files or photos that you had deleted in the past, and which you don’t really care about. You are in control through the entire data recovery process.

Dr. Fone – Advantages

Efficient Data Recovery for Android – Dr. Fone does take time to retrieve ALL data, but it does perform much better than the other Android data recovery software out there. It retrieves all photos, videos, text messages, contacts and more.

User Friendly – Dr. Fone has a user friendly interface and simple directions on using the software, such as rooting the phone, utilizing debugging tools and more. The instructions given in the web support are clear and simple to follow.

The Verdict

Dr. Fone for Android is by far one of the best Android data recovery software out there. It is easy to use and is capable of performing large recoveries – although that does take some time. It recovers any data lost by your Android phone.

If you need to recover lost data ,Dr Fone can do this .

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