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download torrent with idm

See How easily you can download Torrent files with IDM?

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Torrent is the best free downloading platform on the internet , everyone knows about torrent, Torrent allow us to download Free movies, Software, Games, Videos, Apps, Tutorials, E-books and many more. We can download torrent files using UTorrent or Bit Torrent Software which is provided by Torrent.

Using Torrent we can download things from internet with high speed, Torrent has best sources for downloading files with high speed. No doubt Bit Torrent and UTorrent software give us high speed downloading but if the seeds are low then downloading speed will be slow.

If you want to download low seed files with high speed  downloading  and don’t want to use any clients of torrent like Utorrent or Bittotrrent then we have a good option for it, We can download less number of seed files using IDM (Internet download manager) with a high speed (Approx 10 times more from torrent client).

IDM (Internet download manager) is the world’s best fast downloading software, which cache the download link and download the files easily with high speed, one more advantage of downloading Torrent files Via IDM is that the torrent is blocked in mostly schools and colleges so we can’t use UTorrent or Bit Torrent to download Torrent files but using IDM we can also download torrent files in schools and college easily.

Why we download Torrent files via IDM ?

1) Very fast downloading in compare to Utorrent

2) No Need to worry about Peers and Seeds.

3) No need to download Utorrent or Bittorrent client software

Download Torrent file without using UTorrent / Bit Torrent / ExtraTorrent.

Requirements for download torrent files using IDM

  1. IDM (Internet download manager) SoftwareYou can download IDM from here, After downloading IDM, install it  your PC or Laptop
  2.  Internet Connection Obviously 😀

 Download Torrent files using IDM – Procedure

1)       First of go to http://www.torrentz.eu and search your file and copy the magnet link of the torrent file, Or download torrent file

how to download torrent files with idm

2)       Now go to http://www.zbigz.com and Paste Torrent file magnet link address or upload torrent file

3)       Click on Go button

download torrent by idm

4)       After that click on Free cloud Button

internet download manager torrent

5)       Now it will caching torrent file please wait for few seconds

6)       After the caching complete click on ZIP button and after that click on free cloud button

idm free download torrent

7)       Now if IDM is installed on your PC then IDM downloading window will appear when you click on ZIP button.

8)       After appearing IDM window click on Start downloading

download torrents using idm

Video Tutorial – How to download Torrent files using IDM


Now your Torrent file is downloaded using IDM, if you will find any error or problem then let me know in below comments, I will try my best to solve the error, you are welcome to share your views about this post ( how to download torrent files using IDM ).


Note: if you didn’t install IDM in your PC then after clicking on ZIP button downloading will start in your browser.


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