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Facebook, No one needs any description about it because all Facebook users and nonuser know about it very well, Facebook is called 3Rd County in the term of population. Facebook has 1.15 billion Active users and 50 million Facebook pages. Most of internet users have a Facebook account. Facebook has lots of cool features but the best one is Facebook Chat.

Delete all Facebook messages, Every Facebook user use this feature every day to chat with their online friends, Facebook also allows free Video chat which is powered by Skype. Now coming on the topic sometime you want to delete all your Facebook chat for several reasons. After deciding to delete Facebook chat you find that you have to delete chat one by one or marking chats one by one, surely you don’t want to select one by one or by marking one by one. So today we are going to share a simplest way to delete all Facebook messages in one click.

How To Delete All Facebook Messages In One Click – Procedure

1)     First of all you have to use the Google Chrome browser, if you don’t have the download Google Chrome from here

2)     Now open Google Chrome Brower and download Facebook Fast Delete Messages extension.

Delete FAcebook chat Delete all Facebook messages How To Delete All Facebook Messages In One Click? 12


Delete FAcebook chat Delete all Facebook messages How To Delete All Facebook Messages In One Click? 22

3)     After installation, the Facebook Fast Delete Messages extension is automatically activated

4)     Now Go and open your Facebook profile and click on messages to delete your Facebook messages.

5)     You will see two extra buttons on your Facebook messages, one is on the top bar and another one is highlighted in red. Click these buttons to delete all your messages and  conversations in one click.

That’s all, after following above steps you will surely be delete all Facebook messages in one click. If you got any problem then let me know in below comments, I will surely try my best to solve your problem.

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