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how to delete fb account

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently ?

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Do you feel insecure on Facebook and want to delete Facebook Account. Facebook provide a temporary option to deactivate Facebook Account but it’s just temporary, that is it deactivates your account for some temporary period of time and reactivates your Facebook Account when you login into Facebook. Facebook doesn’t provide any specific option or link to delete Facebook Account.

People delete Facebook Account due to many reasons such as:-

  • Spend too much time on Facebook.
  • Receiving too many emails, request and invitation all the time.
  • When Facebook Account was hacked by someone.
  • Feel unsafe on Facebook.
  • Having another Facebook Account.

ways to delete fb account permanently


To Delete Facebook Account Permanently follow Below steps:-

  • Login into Facebook Account -> Go to Account or Privacy Setting and click on Security tab area.
  • Choose  Deactivate your account, a window is displayed which ask you a reason to deactivate your account, so choose a reason from given list or choose other to express your own reason and then click on Confirm button.
  • Now it prompts you to enter your password so enter your password and then click on Deactivate Now button. 

Delete Facebook Account

  • After clicking on Deactivate Now button, a window “Security Check” is displayed to enter CAPTCHA Code so fill it and then finally click on Submit button. 
  • Finally your Facebook account is deactivated and, if you want to reactivate your account then simply login into Facebook with your I’d/Password.
  • To Delete Facebook Account completely then visit the delete my account page and click Delete my account.
  • Now a window “Permanently delete account” is displayed then fills it by entering your Password, CAPTCHA code and then click on OK.
  • Finally you Delete Facebook Account completely.

Note:-Do not login into Facebook Account for 14 days, so that Facebook team completes this process of Delete Facebook Account. And also there is a warning to you that deleting Facebook Account can remove your all data like photo, chats, and messages etc., and it can’t be undone after 14 days.

In case, if you change your mind then login before 14 days to reactivate your Facebook Account and Facebook will send you a confirmation email to reactivate.

Thank you for reading my post and if you have any doubt or query then leave a reply so that I solve your problem as soon as possible.


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  1. Hello harshit, Is our facebook account deleted immediately after that?

  2. Thank you admin for procedure of delete facebook account.

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  5. hi

    You have rightly mentioned that don’t login to your facebook account for 14 days to allow it to delete your account permanently.

    I was a a business meeting 2 days back and surprisingly i was asked this question – person on the other side wanted to delete his facebook account permanently because he felt that his privacy is at stake.

    Well good explanation of process.

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