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How to connect Facebook and Twitter Account?

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Today most of all persons who had account in Facebook also have account in Twitter. Both of this social networking website is top in the social networking websites. If you are a blogger and post same thing regularly in Facebook page and in Twitter page. And you are frustrated at having to post a status update and tweet both at the same time then we can help you to save your time.

Now you can link your Facebook and Twitter account easily, it means whenever you post anything on your Facebook account it will also automatically post in your linked twitter. We are showing you some easy steps to connect your Facebook and Twitter account.

Connect Facebook and Twitter Account – Procedure

Methode  1:

1)   Login in your Facebook page

2)   After login click on this link


3)  Click on ‘ Link my profile to Twitter ’

Connect facebook and twitter

4)   Now the Twitter login page will open.

5)   Login with your Twitter account.

6)   After login Click on ‘ Authorize App ‘

Connect facebook and twitter

7)   Now you will see your Facebook account detail in twitter page.

Connect facebook and twitter

8)   Just click on settings and select services which you will want, and click on Save Changes button.

9)   Congratulations!!! Now your Facebook account is successfully linked which your Twitter account.

Connect facebook and twitter


Just Go to your Facebook page and update your status and now Go to Twitter Account and check your Tweets, You will find your Facebook Status update in your Tweets.

Connect facebook and twitter


Method 2

1) Log in to your Facebook account
2)Then Go to search menu and type “Rss Graffiti” 
3) Now From the search result select the “Rss Graffiti” Application
4) Now click on Application settings which is available in navigation link
5) Now you will see the Twitter account option, Go and click on the “Add account:
6) Twitter page will open, Simply login with your Twitter account
 7) Click on Sign button
8) After a few minutes your Facebook and Twitter account will connect.


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