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codelobster review

Codelobster review: Best PHP IDE

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If you want to create any wordpress plugin or any theme or any PHP application It takes lot of time and hard work By making using of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software application the procedure of creating such applications becomes easier as well as quicker. Lately we’ve come across a free Windows based IDE called CodeLobster PHP Edition, produced by CodeLobster Software . I am going to  explain some best feature and honest review of Codelobster PHP edition.

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Features Of Codelobster

The following are the few basic features which you will like most in this IDE Codelobster.

1.CSS Support

2.SQL Manager


4.PHP Debugger

5.FTP Support

6.HTML/CSS assessor

Let Us understand All these features one bye one in detail.

CSS Support:

There is a nice little attribute that when you float over a CSS residential property, the IDE presents a bubble with the web browser compatibility. Not one of the most important benefit available however good to have. It additionally shows a sneak peek of the shade you are utilizing in a home, which is something that some editors are missing out on

SQL Manager:

CodeLobster has an integrateded SQL supervisor which permits you to create as well as modify your database. I such as having an integrated SQL publisher in my IDE to make a couple of fast adjustments or see to it that a record was customized as I would expect, although honest truth be informed if I have to do a great deal of SQL job I would possibly switch to HeidiSQL.


I truly liked the Codeigniter and jQuery plugins. These plugins include the feature definitions to the IDE so the autocomplete functions as you would certainly expect. Plus the plugins know a little with regards to the logic of these frameworks so when for example you type $this in a Codeigniter, the software knows that you are referring to a Codeigniter instance.

PHP Debugger

You can debug PHP manuscripts using CodeLobster PHP debugger. This function is built in as well and calls for minimum effort to arrangement.

FTP Support

With the FTP home window you can modify files directly on the web server and you could download/upload your job.

 HTML/CSS assessor:

CodeLobster includes a Firebug design assessor, which allows you to inspect a component as well as view the existing CSS that is used on it. Directly I would still make use of Chrome or Firefox once again, it’s a great feature to have


The following are the price of various plugins. You can visit Codelobster Order page to view regarding discounts and more detail.

CakePHP plug-in               $29.95

CodeIgniter plug-in           $29.95

Drupal plug-in                     $49.95

JQuery plug-in                    $24.95

Joomla plug-in                     $44.95

Smarty plug-in                     $29.95

Symfony plug-in                   $39.95

WordPress plug-in               $39.95

Yii plug-in                               $39.95

Final verdict:

General I thought that CodeLobster is a pretty respectable IDE. I assume folks that can’t manage pricey software application but still intend to capitalize on a full featured integrated advanscement setting need to give it a try and view on their own if it is an excellent fit.


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  1. Hi Harshit,

    Up-till now I was preferring Netbeans as best PHP editor but now I think I should give it a shot to CodeLobster. Anyways you have explained it quite nice and so I am convinced to give a shot to CodeLobster. Thanks!


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