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Why Your Business Should be Using Email Marketing

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Email has been around since the very early days of the digital era – it’s almost starting to feel a little retro, isn’t it? Yet despite its age it’s far from fading out, especially in the world of internet marketing. Emailing is a hugely effective way to market your brand, and here’s why everyone should be getting on board.

It’s Cheap

The loveliest pairing of words for a business: cheap marketing. Emailing definitely fits the bill here. Of course, things are rarely free, but email marketing – being incredibly easy to manage and most add-on software costing next to nothing – definitely won’t leave a harmful dent on your budget. With so little to invest, it’s worth at least giving it a go, right?

Tracking and Monitoring

Like a lot of internet marketing, emails are very easy to track. You can monitor how many people open or delete, the click rates of an email and your recipients’ following online activity, as well as how many people subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailing list. This allows you to spot when things aren’t working quite so well and to alter your email marketing to gain the best results.

share ideas easilyConnect with your Subscribers

Emailing is perhaps one of the most personal forms of marketing, helping you to connect with your customers. You can send welcome emails to new subscribers, birthday emails and personalised recommendations, and even have each recipients name at the top of the email for a very personal touch. This kind of marketing will help customers perceive your brand identity as trustworthy and friendly. Easy branding!

You Know it Will Get to Them

Unlike social media updates, by sending an email you know that your customers will receive it directly – even if they don’t open it. Messages on social media, however, can easily be lost amongst the thousands of others that likely turn up on your audience’s feed and are harder to track. The fact that emails are more personal also means that the receiver is more likely to actually open and read them than a random tweet or image caption. Many marketing companies, even those who support small businesses like DoubleSpark does, use this type of communication to stay in constant contact with the clients.

It’s Long Lasting

Unlike internet marketing methods such as temporary adverts and social media updates, emails have a long shelf life. Once you’ve sent it, that email will remain in your recipients’ inbox until they do something about it. In essence, it’s much harder to ignore an email than it is an advertisement.

Email marketing truly is a wonderful thing for businesses. It’s simple, cheap and will no doubt bring you results. As long as you don’t annoy your subscribers with ten emails a day or content that they just wouldn’t be interested in, there’s no reason for it not to work!

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