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MSocialH Review

Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH

Hello friends, today I will be discussing on a review of a website named as Million Social Help. Today I can say that this article will be beneficial for all bloggers in boosting their marketing campaign. So, without wasting much time I come directly to the point. Million Social Help is the right place which can help you in boosting your marketing campaigns. This website was built in September 2012 with lots of efforts. This website basically helps all types, bloggers in achieving their goals as well as improving their social media networks. Keep on scrolling down and find out that what are the benefits of this website.

M SocialH  MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH A social media logos 011 copy

Million Social Help helps you in providing the latest information about the social media activities. This websites also gives you some tips and tricks which can be very beneficial for you all in promoting your website, blog or any other type of online business. In short, I would like to say that this websites helps you in advertising your services. With the help of Million Social Help you can also able to drive more traffic to your websites, blogs or online business which will be beneficial for you all.

What actually meant by Million Social Help?

Million Social Help is basically a website which boosts your social presence. It is just like a free social media exchange platform. You can easily exchange your likes, followers, and traffic as well with the help of this website. Overall, I would like to say that Million Social Help website is created for promoting blogs, followers and helps to grow website traffic.

How to use Million Social Help?

The process of using Million Social help website is very simple. You just have to share other stuffs and collect points and after that you have to use those points in promoting your blogs, websites or any other online business.  

Why you should use Million Social Help?

There are lots of websites which are available online for such type of works. But, frankly saying that many bloggers and webmaster just hate all these types of website. Many bloggers or webmaster hates these all types of website because they have many types of fake social media account which contains lots of followers. Blogger don’t create fake accounts, some people or spammer create fake accounts with many fake followers. Blogger don’t like to join social exchange website since it tends to have a lot of these fake accounts.

Socail Network SocialH MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH Social Network Stock Photo

But Million Social Help is just a different website. This website makes sure that no types of fake account are added and this website only shares those contents which are liked by viewers. This website makes sure that only quality articles are posted over here.

Features of Million Social Help

M SocialH features MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH M SocialH features

This website provides user to share their quality content on different platforms. The platform on which user can publish their content are listed below. Have a look to the below lists:-

  • 1. Google+
  • 2. LinkedIn
  • 3. MySpace
  • 4. SoundCloud
  • 5. Stumbleupon
  • 6. Twitter
  • 7. YouTube
  • 8. Pinterest
  • 9. Instagram
  • 10. Facebook

So, these are the networks where you can get likes, shares, views, comments, subscribers and most important followers.

How to Register and what are the membership plans?

There are basically two options which are available for creating an account like free and VIP account. If you go with the free registration, then it is obvious that there will be less features available compared to VIP account. Free accounts get 10 while VIP get 20. Also 40 Coins minimum for free accounts and minimum 80 coins for VIP as daily bonus depend on your level, Registration at MsociaH is free, but you can upgrade your account to VIP. Not only these but you will get more features if you register on a VIP account.

jOIN MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH jOIN

That’s all. For more details you can go and directly access http://msocialh.com/. Hope you have learned a lot from this article. If you have any doubt or want to ask anything you just have to leave a comment below in the box. Also at the last do not forget to share this article with your friends…

How to Add Pages in MsocialH

After successful registration on MsocialH, for exchange your likes, share, tweet etc. You have to add your pages on MsocialH, Simply follow the below steps to add pages and check how many exchange you got.

1) Login into your MsocailH account

2) Click on “Add Page” option

MsocialH add page MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH New MsocialH

3) Select Type of your page (For Ex. Facebook, G+, Twitter, Etc)

MsocialH MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH New MsocialH 2

4) After that, enter the details.

  • URL
  • Title
  • Coins per click
  • And limits

Msocaih MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH New MsocialH 31

4) After that click on the Add page button

5) Now if want to check how many exchange you got then simply click on “My Pages” button

Msocialh MSocialH Now Boost your Social Media Exchange using MSocialH NEw msociah f

For more Details Check out the video:


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  1. Thanks Harshit for sharing such wonderfully useful resources to enhance presence on social media. Getting more and more likes, follows and +1s is really a heck of the task. It will solve problem of lot of vying social media enthusiastic bloggers.

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