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Install BlueStacks without Graphic Card

Now Fix Bluestacks Graphics Card Error: 25000

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Bluestacks are one of the leading and famous software to run Android Apps on PC, It helps you to run the all Android Apps on your PC, You can enjoy the all Apps like Whatsapp, Ninja, Candy Crush saga, Subway Surfers and many other cool apps.
If you don’t have the Android Mobile and you want to enjoy the Android Apps then Bluestacks is best option for you, recently I wrote articles on step by step process to use and install Bluestacks, and I got response on it also many peoples told me on comment that they are facing some errors named “Bluestacks error 25000 graphics card”.

Install BlueStacks without Graphic Card

After that I research on it and found the way, why this problem is occuring, The error 25000 Bluestacks is coming when you don’t have Graphic Card on your PC/Laptop. Don’t worry, I have a solution for it, you can easily access Bluestacks on your PC without having Graphic Card.

Why Bluestacks Error occurs?

Bluestacks required a good graphic card (2 GB) to run their software properly, There are two types of graphic card, First one is Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D, which is used to run windows properly and the second one is OpenGl which used to run Android Apps. Now days every Graphic card is coming with OpenGl Feature but if you have an old Graphic Card then you have to update it time to time.

There are two methods available to solve the fix Bluestacks installation time error, you can solve the Bluestacks error 25000 by following any of below method.

Solve Error 25000: Bluestacks Graphics Card Error 

1) By Updating your Graphics Card

If you have a Graphic Card on your PC, but Bluestacks is showing the error on installation time, then you have to update your Graphic card, don’t worry you just have download the drivers and update it. Just follow the below steps

1) I am providing you the links of the drivers, which will first test your drivers if your driver is not updated then itwill show you the detail and simply you have to download the update and installing that driver update.

2) Simply Selects the above link according to your Chipset and open it

3) Now it will automatically Detect your system and start scanning your drivers

4) After a few minutes it will show you the out dated drives and new driver list

5)  Simply download the new driver list and install it

6) Now reinstall the Bluestacks Software you will able to access it without any error

2) By using Older Version of Bluestacks

If the above method is not working for you or you don’t have a Graphic card on your PC, then this method is best for you, in the older version of Bluestacks it doesn’t require the Graphic card, you can easily use the older version of Bluestacks to run the Android Apps. It doesn’t require any high configuration, if you have Graphic Card and Bluestacks takes lots of time to run, then you can also use the older version of Bluestacks.

You can easily download the free older version of Bluestacks by below button.Bluestacks error solution

Hope you like our article and you got the answer of your question “How to solve Bluestacks Error 25000”, After applying the above method you have any doubt or any query then let me know in below commenting.


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