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How to block any Website without using any Software?

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Sometime people want to block a particular website due to many reasons and also many Schools, Colleges, Organizations, Companies want the same thing, for fulfilling this purpose they download third party software’s (Applications) and pay huge amount for website Blocking software’s and some also try the free and trial software’s like blocking website etc. To block selected websites, but most of free and trial version of block website software’s are not successful because on the internet there are lots of proxy websites to run the Blocked website easily.  If you want to block any website at your home then surely you don’t want to pay for the website blocking software’s but if you want to block a website on the whole server (in colleges, schools, companies etc.) then you have to buy the third party software.

If you want to block any particular websites on your PC then you are at right place because we are going to show you the simple trick to Block any website in PC without using any application (Third party software) and for this you don’t have to pay anything 😀 , Just follow the below steps to Block any website without using any software.

Block any Website on PC without using Software – Procedure

1)     First of all go to Drive C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

2)     Find the file named “Hosts”

3)     Now copy the file “Hosts” to the desktop

4)     Now open that copied (Hosts) file in notepad

5)     Now go to the bottom of the file

7)     Now let you want to block YouTube on your PC then type www.youtube.com

On the bottom of the file 

Block any website

8)     After writing this line save the file

9)     Now copy “Hosts” file from the desktop and paste “HostS” file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

10)  When you are copying the file window will give the error that the file already exist then simply replace the file

11)   Now you are done! Just go to your web browser and enter the blocked website URL in address bar, you will see   the message that Website not available.

You can also block more than one website in your PC, for example if you want to block Facebook, YouTube, and twitter on your PC then enter the below written code in “Hosts” file www.facebook.com www.youtube.com www.twitter.com

Note: Windows will not give permission to edit “Hosts” file, for the solution of this problem you have to first copy that “Hosts” file somewhere on your PC, after copying “Hosts” file simply edit the file and after that replace the “Hosts” file in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

Don’t forget to save first the Hosts file in some folder for backup if anything goes wrong, if you found any difficulty or error in above steps then let me know in below comments.


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  1. While copying the file to same folder the error message comes that you donot have permission for doing such transaction

    Please advice me.

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