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Is Big Data the New Fact of Business World?

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Computation is becoming faster and more advanced all around the world, and it is creating tones of unstructured data. All this material can be used for improving business processes and increasing company’s conversion and customer’s loyalty. To use data this way, companies require advanced big data software that will form data structures and analyze them in order to answer company’s staff inputs. Staff can use correct and punctual information to upgrade their products, services and relationship with their customers. In this article we listed several ways in which big data is changing the business world, as we speak.

Providing great customer service

Satisfied customers always come back, and when they do they expect to get even better service and certain incentives, based on the fact that they invested their money in buying your products or services twice.  If these incentives that might be given in the form of discounts, promotional presents or an upgrades to luxury service packages fulfill customer’s expectations, you might get a lifelong friend and follower.

Unfortunately many companies miss the opportunity to point in situations like these, mainly by failing to recognize a returning customer. This doesn’t happen in Avis Budget, leading car rental provider with their offices located all around the world. They use big data software for structuring tones of CRM, purchase history and social media data. This means that when you walk into any of their offices, all around the world, they will know whether you are a returning customer or not, and if the answer is “Yes”, you will definitely get a great deal.

Reaching higher operational effectiveness

Certain businesses require storing and analyzing huge quantities of data. Airline companies store more than 20 terabytes of data per hour and the same goes for huge government institutions from Pentagon and NSA to state and city libraries. Big data software that comes with machine-to-machine interaction and is able to make good predictions can make the work of employees in these business and institutional structures much easier.

Airplanes can make their own maintenance schedules, and library software system can send out notes to notes to users who don’t return their books by automation. This software also helps employees who work on reception desks and call and health centers to quickly locate customer’s files and provide them with information they need.

Big data + mobile equals increased speed and punctuality

Big data software can also be shaped in a mobile app, which enables the most competent employees to answer business requests at any time and at any place. This will solve many organizational and decision-making problems and enable teams that are working in the field to have all the data they require for conducting certain tasks.

Example for a great use of this feature are delivery companies who have truck fleets on the field, which can now compose their routes depending on real-time ordering information as well as traffic and weather conditions. This means that the use of big data and other business intelligence software makes the goods we order, delivered fast and with care.

Many companies offer big data analysis as a service

There are plenty of companies who offer their own big data software solutions or provide outsource help for certain parts of big data analytics process. This way entrepreneurs can have a team of big data scientists at their disposal for certain specific tasks or ongoing work processes. Amount of that that’s being stacked every day and the advanced analytics latest big data software offers, lowers the price of these services and constantly improves big data agencies performance.

We can finally forget about spreadsheets and other primitive big data structuring solutions. New softwares enable us to use terabytes of stacked data for improving our business and providing top notch products and services to our customers.

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