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Best Windows 8 Apps 2015

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Windows has not been the best in terms of application. After successful launch of new and latest version of windows 8 and 8.1 with windows store, which has lots of good and handy applications that can help you in reducing your effort and work time as well as giving full entertainment at the same time. Many developers after success of windows 8 are putting maximum effort into porting apps from other platform like android and ios.

As windows 8 is new, many users are not familiar with its relevant applications and that’s where we come in for your help. In this article I’m going to share some of the best windows 8 applications in year 2015. After going carefully through this article, you just need to go to your windows play store and download these apps for your PC. Listed below are some of the best windows 8 apps 2015 .

Best windows 8 apps 2015:-

best windows 8 apps 2015


PhotoWeaver [Best Windows 8 Apps 2015] :

Photoweaver is one of the best image editing and photo bringing applications for your Pc. This application allows users to bring all the images from online storage and social sites such as Facebook and drag them at one place to see them all in one.

Using Photoweaver, you can also edit your desired picture and share them using share button. You can also move these edited photos from one social network to another.

Skype [Best Windows 8 Apps 2015] :

Skype is one of the best free voice and video chatting applications. Developed by Microsoft, Skype is pre installed in windows 8 PC or Smartphones and hence there is no need to download it. Skype on windows 8, has totally different look with relatively bigger icon and very easy to use interface. You can call or chat with your friend who already using Skype by just typing your text or clicking on call button. Overall Skype is the first choice for win 8 users when it comes to communication applications.

Netflix [Best Windows 8 Apps 2015] :

Netflix is a free entertainment application for windows 8 operating system that gives quick access to videos and TV shows streaming by it. The application gives you one month free trial up version and if you like the app you can take unlimited time membership from its official site.

Netflix allows user to set a queue of a list of videos going from left to right and you can search for your videos using genre or specific items as well. You can resume your program where you left off on your TV or internet. The application is available for the windows 8 users and you can download it from the windows store.

Kindle [Best Windows 8 Apps 2015] :

Kindle is an eBook reader app for windows 8 OS that allows users to enjoy a good reading of any format and so you do not need a separate device for reading different books. The application is same as that of Adobe and other applications that define the eBook genre and can easily be set up to sync with other device so that you can always start with a point where you left off. The application can either be downloaded from the kindle store or you can download it form the windows store for your windows 8 PC.

uTube [Best Windows 8 Apps 2015] :

Having trouble every time to browse for YouTube in your browser? If yes, then it’s the work of old days as YouTube is now available in the form of its application in newer version of windows (8 or higher). You can use YouTube application to watch any videos from the Google-owned video service and even sign in to your account to see your browsing history and channel with the account you use for YouTube via your web browser. This application is also available for win 8 or higher users and can be downloaded from win store.

These are some of the best applications for windows 8 OS this year. Really, the new version of windows has totally reduced the work time for its users by supporting thousands of applications. We will keep posting about the latest apps in our coming posts.

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