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Best Video Chatting Apps For Smart Phone 2015

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Smart phones have completely revolutionized the way of communication among people since their initial release in the eighteenth century (cell phone) when we were using cord-tethered landlines phones, but it’s a thing of the past.

Now a day, the communication science has grown so far and people around the world instantly communicate via various means like voice calls, text, emails and live video chat or calls. Yes, live video chat! Voice calls are so last century and video chatting has become the demand of generation due to popularization of front-facing phone cameras.

In present generation, almost everyone has a Smartphone capable of handling video chats also we are always with our Smartphone so we can hold a video chat wherever or whenever we want. So, if you are looking to get on board with video chat for all phones then check out for these applications i have gathered for your Smartphone.


OoVoo is one of the best video chatting applications for smart phones. It enables users to log in using their facebook account. That’s not too good! But what makes it popular is that it links all the contacts from your facebook and your phone. You can chat clearly with your friend on ooVoo using a fair internet connection. The app features multiple chat option which means you can chat with 12 friends at a single time!

Support: The ooVoo support almost all platforms like android, IOS, blackberry and windows and available for free.


Skype is one of the oldest (2003) and most popular video chatting apps present out there on internet. It has over 300 million users and it allows them to video chat, voice chat and text messaging each other. You can log in to Skype via facebook account or you can sign-up for a new Skype account.

Support: It also support almost all the platforms platforms like android, IOS, blackberry and windows and available for free.


Tango is another very good video chatting application for android, blackberry, windows and ios based smart phones. It’s simple to use feature make it stand among top video chat apps. In tango, you don’t need a password for log in and you just need to enter your phone number, email address and first name.

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