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Best Sites To Get 100 GB Free Online Cloud Storage

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Online Cloud storage normally refers to saving the data in a server, which is called cloud storage. Here data is stored in virtual pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties.Thanks to cloud storage, we can now store any kind of files in servers in different locations. This online cloud storage makes accessing the files easy from anywhere all over the world. We can also store images, videos, and different other files in the cloud. Files saved in the cloud can be easily shared with anyone with a link provided by the server. There are many cloud storage providing websites which are called as hosts, the most popular ones are Dropbox, Google drive and Skydrive. But these sites provide limited free space for storing data. If you want to store many files, you may opt for the premium services provided by these hosts. In this article, we are writing down the three best free online cloud storage providers which provide up to 100GB of free online cloud storage space.


100 GB Free Online Cloud Storage Providers


Surdoc is one of the best websites which provides 100 GB free online cloud storage for a limited period of one year. I am one of the users of this website. You can renew your subscription every year for free. It is quite simple, fast and secure. You can have more storage by referring a friend. For every successful sign up you will get 10 GB worth of storage.

Key Features :

  • 100 GB free storage. Can extend to 1 TB by referring friends.
  • Free sign up with facebook, google.
  • Fast and secure.
  • Access files from mobile.
  • More preference to documents.
  • Special file size – 10 MB
  • Special file limit- 5 GB
  • Free renewal every year.
  • File Sharing ability.
  • Customer support.

2) Shared.com

Shared.com is another best website providing 100 GB free online cloud storage for a new free user. It’s main intention is make the file sharing easier. You can share the files with the link provided by the site. Can upgrade to PRO for 1 TB space.

Free online cloud storage

Key Features :

  • 100 GB free online cloud storage for free user.
  • Fast sign up.
  • Secure.
  • File sharing ability.
  • No file restrictions.
  • Any file type size – 2GB
  • Easy sign-up with facebook.

3) Degoo.com

Degoo.com is also a file hosting service providing 100 GB free online cloud storage. Once a subscriber, you can access your files saved from anywhere. I am not familiar with this service.

  • 100 GB free online cloud storage
  • Fast sign up using facebook.
  • Secure.
  • File sharing ability.
  • No file restrictions.
  • Software available for MAC and Windows.

Conclusion – Of the above three free online cloud storage websites, I recommend the first two sites as file accessing and organizing is easier. Also suitable for unlimited PC backups.

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