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Best Music Apps for iPhone

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What are the best music apps for iPhone? We tell you! You will find an eclectic mix of the best music apps for iPhone here, and maybe you would like to download some, if not all of them for your iPhone. Here they are….

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is Apple’s version of the Pandora, a simple radio-style streaming music service that creates its playlists based on what a user likes. While iTunes Radio isn’t as yet as advanced as Pandora’s system, it is still very good. The advantage is that iTunes Radio is closely integrated into iTunes and so works perfectly well on your iPhone.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about bothersome ads when you install iTunes Radio on your iPhone – easily one of the best music apps for iPhone out there.

Click here to download iTunes Radio

8tracks Radio

Here’s what’s so great about 8tracks – it is one of the few music apps that features playlists and mixes that have been submitted by users, and not by professionals. So, as you would imagine, there is a lot of variety on 8tracks Radio. It’s hard to tell how great a mix is going to be or which genre it belongs to. But if you’re someone who likes to be surprised, then, the user generated content on 8tracks Radio is just what you want.

Click here to download 8tracks Radio 


If you are a big fan of indie bands, then the Daytrotter is just for you. You get over 1,000 mini concerts on Daytrotter with 3 to 5 songs in each. The concerts range from both successful to relatively unknown indie bands and are available for free.  You can stream the music over Wi-Fi and share on Twitter and Facebook with your friends. Daytrotter is simply an outstanding app for indie music fans.

Click here to download Daytrotter


Radio – lot’s of it! That’s what you get with iHeartRadio. This app brings you live radio streams from all over the United States. If you’re someone who has grown up on radio, you will fall in love with this app. Not just music, you get live streams from news, talk shows, sports other types of radio stations. Plus, you can create your own radio station, a bit like Pandora or iTunes Radio. Also, you can access recorded radio shows on-demand, anytime you want to.

Click here to download iHeartRadio

Band of the Day

Band of the Day recommends one interesting new band every day. If you are someone who supports new musicians and like listening to new music, this is just the app you need to get for your iPhone. Band of the Day selects 3 to 5 of the best songs from each band, so that you get to experience the very best music from a talented bunch of musicians. The most popular genres on Band of the Day are indie, singer or songwriter, folk and blues. If you are a big fan of any of these genres, you will never run out of exciting new music on this app.

Click here to download Band of the Day

NPR Music

NPR Music is another of those music apps that prioritize fresh new music by talented young and relatively unknown artists. If you’re a big fan of indie rock, then NPR Music is just perfect for you. It also has access to over 80 music stations across the United States as well as to some of the most popular music podcasts in the country such as All Songs Considered, Thistle & Shamrock and more.  

Click here to download NPR Music

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