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10 Best Mac Games Which You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2014!

Hello Techy Readers, Today we are here for games lover, Yes we are today list out 10 Best Mac Games which you can’t afford to miss, We list all of the famous ad trending Mac Games of this year, you should all of the below games you should also check our last post in which we explain the Essential Apps for MacBook.

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We can’t assist with the last, yet the very first problem is right up our street. We’ve collected Top 10 Mac games ready your delectation.

List of 10 Best Mac Games

1. Diabolo III

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As always, it’s up to you to gird your loins and turn back the forces of darkness prior to they let loose untold spitefulness after the planet.

This time around you can decide on from five different character classes – barbarian, satanic force seeker, monk, witch doctor and wizard – each with its own unique capabilities and capabilities. The graphics have actually been upgraded as well, and now give a true 3D perspective of the activity.

Requirements:  ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better; 2GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 8600M GT or better, OS X 10.6.8, 10.7.x or later; Intel Core 2 Duo

2. The Witcher 2

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RPG followers will rapidly find themselves attracted into this rich – and typically grownup – story, but the battle and skill devices are fairly complicated so you’ll should commit a bit of time to understanding them. Some people might find the absence of different personality classes a little restrictive, as well; but the clearly drawn globe of the The Witcher 2 will appeal to any individual which appreciates traditional role-playing games. It’s great worth, as well.

Requirements: OS X 10.7.5 or later

3. Baldur’s Gate

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Baldur’s Gate was a landmark roleplaying game of the late 90s, and established the criterion for every single RPG that followed. The graphics might be dated, and the game’s user interface isn’t precisely streamlined, however the intricate story and eccentric actors of assisting characters are still very pleasurable and can offer lots of hours of satisfying monster-bashing. The game is huge, covering loads of places around the area known as the Sword Coast, and it often appears like there are folks just queuing up in the regional tavern to offer you added journeys and incentives in return for your help.

Requirements: OS X 10.7.5 or later

4. Dragon Age

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Dragon Age  Origins is still possibly the most effective roleplaying game ever released on the Mac.

It’s all standard RPG things – dungeons and dragons, soldiers and wizards – however it has considerably more depth compared to straightforward click-and-slash video games such as Diablo and Dungeon Siege. In addition to the epic central story that pits you versus an occupying military of demons, there’s a wonderful cast of assisting personalities including a comedy golem and Alistair, a middle ages sex object and illegitimate beneficiary to the throne.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.2, Intel Core 2 Duo, graphics card with 256MB VRAM

5. Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is set in the fantasy world of Ferelden, but it presents a totally brand-new cast of personalities and a new storyline as your hero – understood simply as Hawke – rises from obscurity to come to be a magnificent champion. The concentrate on politics and intrigue ways that DAII shorts of the epic good-versus-evil story of the initial, however various other aspects of the game are genuinely boosted.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.2, Intel Core 2 Duo, graphics card with 256MB VRAM

6. World Of Warcraft Cataclysm

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There’s lots of brand-new product to continue skilled gamers pleased, and to entice new gamers, Blizzard has lately announced a Starter Edition of the game that enables you to bet totally free till your personality reaches degree 20.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.2, Intel Core 2 Duo, graphics card with 256MB VRAM

7. Knights Of The Old Republic

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You play one of the last Jedi Knights, leading a military of freedom fighters on a series of goals throughout earths such as Tatooine and the Sith house globe of Korriban. Your selections affect the end result of the game, deciding whether you save the galaxy or be up to the pessimism of the Force.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5, 1.8GHz Intel processor, graphics card with 128MB VRAM

8. Two Worlds II

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The initial Two Worlds wasn’t released on the Mac, so you’re type of being available in halfway via the tale in this sequel. That won’t matter too much, however, because the tale isn’t really especially initial. You start the game by breaking out of prison and then triggering on a journey to save your sis, that has been oppressed by a bad emperor.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.3, 2GHz Intel processor, graphics card with 512MB VRAM

9. Colin McRae: DiRT 2

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DiRT 2 is the very best racing game we’ve viewed on the Mac for some time, with terrific 3D graphics and responsive high-speed racing action. You start out as a newbie motorist and then function your way up during lots of occasions to tackle the professionals in the X Games occasions. You could select from 35 different autos, and customise them to take care of various kinds of events such as rally cross and pioneer.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.7, 2GHz Intel processor, graphics card with 128MB VRAM

10. FlatOut 2

There’s no attempt to replicate real-world physics or recreate actual race course here – FlatOut 2 is an out-and-out arcade game in which you simply drive fast and smash anything that enters your way. The main Championship method permits you select from 34 different cars, and afterwards progress with a collection of considerably difficult races embeddeded in places such as the LA tornado drains and Rocky Mountain woodlands.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8, Intel processor, graphics card with 128MB VRAM

So these are 10 Mac Games, Hope you like all the games and article too: , If you have any suggestion or query then feel free to ask me via below comment box.




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