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new lifestyle apps to improve life

Improve Your Life With 5 Best Lifestyle Apps

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It does not feel  like a job of taking care yourself, even It should be the first priority of life to leave a long life. Due to hectic schedule, we forget to give attention towards our mental and physical health, which influence the quality of life. Both health aspects (Mental and Physical) are essential for a happy life.

lifestyle apps

In the modern age, the Smartphone will play a huge role to make your lifestyle better such as the guardian. When you don’t have enough time to think about your tiny life, IT companies came forward with some excellent apps, which can be more helpful to improve your life. Recently, Azoi also launched Wello” health tracking case for iphone users. Today we are going to show you the 5 best lifestyle Apps, which helps you a lot in your busy life to make it easier.

Here are best lifestyle Apps:

 1) Change 4 life Smart Recipes

The Change4Life Smart Recipes app is really awesome and useful for them, who want to change their diet, but don’t know how to change. Sometimes It’s hard to decide, what to eat or not, but now need not to worry because change4life Smart recipe app will help you. The app provides you over 100 meal recipes for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. The app also lists and categorizes necessary ingredients, which needed for your meal. If you are looking some ideas for the delicious meal, just use meal mixer. The app is the perfect for counting calories.

Some important features:

-Get Delicious meal ideas
-Email recipes and shopping lists to your own beloved
-Share with your friends and family via using Facebook and Twitter

2) Mobile Companion

The mobile companion app is as a free application, which helps users to connect with fitness trend and track their fitness ambitions too.It tells user fitness progress and records last log, even inform also when take medicine. The app is really playing an important role in life as health companion, even reminds users to participate in fitness challenges also. 

Some good features in short:

– Item evaluations
– DPS calculator
– Integration of d3up.com features
– Localization for many other countries

3) Drinks Meter

If you drink badly and habitual of it, then Drink Meter app is available, which gives right feedback on your alcohol use. It’s not only about drink only, it tells also who are you, how do you drink. The app calculates and tells how many calories you are having per week. It asks simple questions and If you reply honestly, the app will compare it namelessly with thousand of people’s drinking habits worldwide according to national data.

Specifications in short:

• Weekly drink calculator with drink types, strengths and a bottle or glass sizes                                                
• Weekly total in units and standard sized drinks
• Weekly financial spends
• Calorie counter

4) Pocket Doctor

 Pocket Doctor is free medical dictionary app for mobile users written by a European doctor. If you ever feel sick or need to check symptoms, while on the way, the Pocket Doctor app will help you to find instant treatment or solution. The app contains all information from skin and hair to neurological diseases. The app is perfect for all parents, children, travelers and who want to be extra careful for their health.

5) Runtastic

Runtastic is superb GPS running and fitness tracker android app. It works as your personal fitness assistant or trainer and helps your health to a new level. The Runtastic app has some excellent features such as GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, voice-feedback, music integration, statistic charts and more. You can customize its dashboard  completely according to you and can see information that values to you. The app will help you to push into the next level, while you are able to biking, jogging, skating and some other things.

App Features (Limited in LITE version)

– Track your workout progress with GPS in real time
– Runtastic Earth View: Means watch your workout in the 3D view
– Enjoy Cardio workouts with the inbuilt music player
– You can easily set your goal for training & distance
– Colored traces: Track changes in speed
– Customizable dashboard for display training statistics

Hope you like our article on lifestyle Apps, If you have any doubt or query about this app then let me know by commenting below.


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