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Best Keyboards For Android Smart Phone

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Top Keyboards for Android :

Android users face many keyboard problems (i.e Android keyboard malfunction and small keys.) If you encounter any keyboard problems, the best solution is to download a new keyboard from the Google App Store. There are many keyboards available for your Android phones like: Google Android Keyboard, Swift-Key Keyboard, Go keyboard, Magic Keyboard and many others.
Right now, the most popular among these keyboards are: Android keyboard,Swift-Key and Go keyboard.

keyboards for android

Google Android Keyboard

Google Android Keyboard makes input smart and easy. This keyboard allows voice typing. It also supports auto correct for words that the user may have spelled wrong, this feature makes typing faster and even more accurately on all your Android Devices. This Android keyboard only use smaller storage and memory compared to other keyboards in the market.

  • Supports Voice Typing
  • Supports Multiple Dictionaries (25 languages)
  • Gesture typing

Installation Instructions – This software is easy to download and install. Just click on the link below and download the file. Once completely downloaded, the app will install on its own.
Google Play Download Link

Swift Key Keyboard + Emoji

This is one is easily one of the best keyboards for Android. It delivers the best next-word prediction, auto correct, it supports over 800 emojis. It also includes about 30 beautiful themes and layouts for all devices. The Swift Key Keyboard + Emoji also supports about 60 languages. This is a top rated keyboard trusted by millions of users.
Emoji And Emoji Prediction:It contains more than 800 characters and clever emoji prediction.

  • Supports Personalized predictions
  • Smarter auto correct
  • Beautiful Themes

Download SwiftKey Keyboard from Playstore

Go Keyboard

The Go Keyboard is also one of the top android keyboards in the market today. It is an excellent keyboard with beautiful themes and easy to download. Go keyboard increases the user’s typing speed and it corrects mistakes automatically. Go keyboard supports more than 60 languages. The symbols in the keyboard are compatible to all popular apps including SMS, Gmail etc.

  • Free 800+ emoji characters
  • Colorful Themes
  • Word Correction
  • Voice Typing

Download Go Keyboard from Playstore

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