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Best iPad Weather Apps 2015

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One of the best things about technology is its ability to change our lives for the better. Gone are the days, when we have to guess whether it’s going to rain or not. Thanks to the latest mobile technology, everyone with smartphones now have access to weather data with just a few presses. Today, we have hundreds of iPad weather apps to choose from, although, majority of these apps have the same functionalities, its aesthetic and data accuracy are still the biggest factors users look at before installing one. To help you decide we have listed down the best iPad weather Apps for 2015. Below are three Best iPad Weather Apps 2015

Dark Sky – Dark Sky is a light weight weather app that’s compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. This weather app is powered by Forecast (developed by Dark Sky developers). Forecast is an independent weather service and is not affiliated with any other weather service. What we love about this app is its ability to forecast the weather by the minute, hour, day and week. Its interface is user friendly and easy on the eyes, while not requiring so much of your iPad or iPhone’s resources.
Because it uses the GPS technology, it can precisely pin point the user’s location and accurately predict any weather changes in the area. Its radar animation gives you a smooth animation that allows the users to see how a storm is moving (its past, current and future path.) Note that this app is not free ($3.99), but majority of its users are satisfied. As of this writing its rating is at 3.5 stars.

DarkSky ipad


Accuweather Platinum – Accuweather Platinum is an award winning weather app for iPad, iPhone, Apple watch and Android enabled devices. Drawing from the user’s GPS location, this weather app is able to precisely give minute by minute precipitation forecast. The app can also forecast the exact minute a rain will start, until its end.
Accuweather Platinum is customizable depending on the users’ preference. This means, the user can hide information which he or she doesn’t need. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch and SYNC AppLink enabled vehicles. The app is sold for $3.99 (one-time fee).

ipad accuweather

The Weather Channel – The Weather Channel weather app for iPad is a one of the most user friendly free weather apps in the market. This app has features like “feels like” temperature, sunrise, sunset time, UV index, pressure, visibility and many more. What makes this weather app really stand out is its severe weather mode where in the app will show a ticket that enables the user to track a storm or hurricane. It also features a state wide flu levels and pollen forecasts which is very useful for everyone who has allergies and health issues.
These are just 3 of the most downloaded and best weather app in the market right now.

the weather channel app


If we have missed anything, that you think fits this list perfectly, please leave them in the comment box below.

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