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Sonia is an Australian blogger writing about latest tech and startup buzzes. Her passions are books and movies.

How Technology has Changed the World of Business

It seems that wherever we find ourselves, we are completely surrounded by technology. In fact, the only place where there’s a chance there is no technology within a 100m radius is a 100m away from a beach – if you don’t own a waterproof phone, that is. The world of …

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Relation between Web Design and Bounce Rate


With being one of the most important criteria for website analytics, bounce rate is definitely a thing that website administrators needs to give closer attention to. Visitors who bounce of the page in most cases didn’t find what they were looking for. Some of the common reasons for high bounce …

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DIY Home Entertainment System

home theater

Even though it can hardly be described as a bare necessity, a good entertainment system is one of the most important assets in your home. Regardless if you are a passionate cinephile or a dedicated gamer, you will greatly benefit from a good entertainment setup. Unfortunately, ordering random setup is …

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Are you Getting The Internet Speed You are Paying for?

According to statistics, an average global internet speed is 5.6Mbps, while South Koreans are blessed with the highest average of 26.7Mbps – 27% faster than Sweden. For some people in developing countries those numbers are borderline dreamy, however, not all developed countries have it all perfect either. Lately, there have …

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Is Big Data the New Fact of Business World?

Computation is becoming faster and more advanced all around the world, and it is creating tones of unstructured data. All this material can be used for improving business processes and increasing company’s conversion and customer’s loyalty. To use data this way, companies require advanced big data software that will form …

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