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Atomic Email Hunter – Review

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Atomic Email Hunter is an excellent software that searches the web and finds relevant email addresses of your business prospects.

It is, indeed, a wonderful tool that truly revolutionizes the way you market your business, reach out to your prospects, get more subscribers and increase your e-mail list. Moreover, it almost gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors, because you are reaching out to business prospects that they most probably won’t.

Let’s discuss a bit more about the software and the dilemma about whether such an email extractor is ethical to use or not.

Atomic Email Hunter – Features

By now, you already know the basic function and purpose of Atomic Email Hunter. However, what make it different from other similar e-mail extractors are its various exceptional features.

First of all, Atomic Email Hunter can be fully automatic. It can automatically extract e-mail addresses from any website on the internet. Given said that, however, there are various options that you can use to extract the exact information you may want to get.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the 2 different types of searches the software is capable of doing.

Keyword Research

This is one of the features that make Atomic Email Hunter the leading e-mail extractor in the industry.

It is an extremely easy-to-use method to search for relevant businesses and prospects, and find their e-mail addresses.

You just need to type in a few keywords relevant to your business or blog. Once you do that, the software will automatically start searching relevant websites in your industry that are also ranked at the highest positions in search engines. After finding those websites, the software then automatically starts searching the e-mail addresses for you.

Website Search

On the other hand, assume if you have already a specific website that you would like to search for e-mail addresses. The Atomic Email Hunter can also do that for you.

You just need to copy the URL of your target website and the software will automatically take care of everything. Once it finishes the search, the software will collect all the e-mail addresses on your specified website. It will then present you those e-mail addresses – along with all the necessary information – in a neat format as seen below.

Keyword Exclusion

Another great thing about the Atomic Email Hunter is that it lets you exclude any particular keywords from your research. This leads to cleaner e-mail lists with more practical uses.

For instance, if you are looking forward to collecting e-mail addresses of genuine people – not businesses – you can do so by excluding a few keywords like:

  • no-reply
  • admin
  • feedback

The software will not include any e-mail address that includes the selected keywords.

These and many other features are described in detail on the website.

The Fine Line Between Marketing and Being Unethical

Email extractors create a lot of buzz that they are not 100% ethical. However, this is certainly not true.

You see, it is just another method of reaching out to your prospects that you otherwise can’t because of an overloaded market. If you truly have a great product or service that has the potential of improving your prospects’ lives, shouldn’t you tell them? I’m pretty sure they will be grateful to you, no matter how you reached them.

However, if someone is only going to send spams and junk e-mails to them, then the problem doesn’t really lie with the software, does it? So in other words, it all depends on how you use the information that the software collects for you.

But whatever you may believe, you cannot deny the fact that Atomic Email Hunter is excellent at what it does. And if you properly use it for your e-mail marketing campaign, you can have a distinct advantage on your competitors.

You can download the demo version or buy the product from here.

Check out the video:


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