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Apple’s iPhone 6 and rumors and expectations

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Apple’s iPhone 6 is star of ongoing rumors flowing in the tech world nowadays. With every passing day, new rumors are hitting the web and are taking the excitement of fans to new level. The mix-up of iPhone 6 rumors give us good idea of what could be there in this next Apple’s product. Do read out below about the rumored specs of iPhone6.

iphone 6 full specification

iPhone 6 Specifications, Features & Price

New iPhones

Before the launch of iPhone5, there were loads and loads of speculation going around the internet for months, saying Apple will release 2 iPhones, with a different display sizes. But, it was just one iPhone with an increased size of 4”. Next year, the rumors started again with leaks of a plastic made “cheaper” iPhone. With iPhone 5S & 5C, the rumors finally became a reality. Apple went with two different models with phone’s build being one of the major differences – one plastic and one aluminum. Also, ‘C’ was not for cheap, it was for Color.

Coming to 2014, again after lots of rumors about a bigger iPhone, Sonny Dickson (one of the most correct leakers) posted photo of iPhone 6 – in two screen sizes – 4.7” and 5.5”. TweetTweet2

iPhone 6 Body

Build quality is what gives Apple the proud crown of being the best smartphone maker. Of course, Apple will be delivering a better build quality in iPhone 6, than it has ever offered. Recently, a video was posted by a tech blog, which shows a dummy iPhone 6. As per that, iPhone 6 is likely to come with 4.7inch screen size with wider bezels around its display.

iPhone 6 Display 

Taking the words of 9to5Mac anything to go with, 1704×960 pixel resolution is what could be there in iPhone 6. Apple must have to do it if it wants to increase the screen size and want to contend developers at the same time. With no major improvement in resolution, but in the size alone, would make things tough for app developers. As per Sonny Dickson, the iPhone 6 may surprise all Apple fans with curved display.

iPhone 5S introduced a fingerprint reader hidden inside the phone’s home button. The technology behind this used a Sapphire crystal. Now, if rumors are to be trusted, iPhone 6 will have a sapphire display! The exciting thing about this is that is supposed to be 10 times costlier than the Gorilla Glass 3, and as strong as steel. And it can be curved/bended too. This rumor, again, may prove to be true.

iPhone 6 Processor

Plenty of rumors about processor of iPhone 6 have appeared on different tech news sites for the last few months. These rumors don’t give any clear idea, but only create immense confusion in the air for all of us. Anyways, if we go with the report of G for Games, 20nm A8 chipset will be there in iPhone 6, and TSMC will be one producing it. As per various reports, TSMC is proudly capable of meeting the demand of Apple, and to help it keep it ahead of its competitor Samsung, as this South-Korean company is facing low production problem.

Apple’s 20nm A8 chipset in iPhone 6 will be an eye-popping feature out of all. This sole feature is reason why many are waiting to try their hands on iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Camera 

China Post, citing the Nomura Security, reports that Apple will stick to 8-megapixel iSight sensor in the iPhone 6. Possible addition of optical image stabilisation will make the camera better than what you get in iPhone 5S.

As per patent filed by Apple with US Patents office, ‘VCM OIS actuator module’, which is new camera stabilization mechanism, could be used in iPhone 6.

One other patent by Apple suggests the Lytro-like capabilities in the upcoming iPhone 6. In that, with the help of plenoptic technology, you will be able to capture an image and then setting the focal point at a later date. If this feature actually comes in iPhone 6, the device will be capable enough to compete with devices known for their incredible camera quality solely.

iPhone 6 Storage

Rumors claim that iPhone 6 will hit the market in 32GB and 64GB models. There is even possibility of 128GB model as well.

iPhone 6 Battery

As per report of MyDrivers.com, Apple iPhone 6 will pack battery of power anywhere between 1,700mAh and 2,000mAh.

iPhone 6 Logo

Latest leaks suggest that the Apple logo behind the iPhone 6 will be illuminated, i.e. it will glow same as that of the MacBooks. The light-up logo is said to act as a notification light. Link

iPhone 6 Release Date and Price

Multiple rumors suggest that iPhone 6 may launch on September 19. Talking about the price, no actual tag has been rumored so far, but Apple is expected to launch iPhone 6 with lower price tag than that of iPhone 5S.

Final Verdict 

There is big time yet to go before we will find iPhone 6 in the stores. So, saying anything for now with surety does not make any sense at all. Swallow these rumors with grain of salt, they may or may not prove wrong in the future.


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  1. Well, I trust Apple to always come up with new device that would stun the world. The features and functionality of the iPhone 6 as rumored is not something totally unexpected.

    Apple has a way of raising the expectations of fans before any major release or upgrade of its product.

    So, we expect the iPhone 6 to be powerful gadget surpassing what its predecessor the iPhone 5 offers!

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  2. Hello Harshit,
    The world can’t simply wait for the new release of Apple. I am not all that a fan of Apple Products though but I will obviously love to own an Iphone 6 at least for the flex. Hahaha!

    I found this post of yours shared on kingged.com and I do hope you’re doing great.
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