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Moto 360 vs iWatch

Moto 360 vs iWatch: Picking the best smartwatch available today

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For Apple’s fans, things are getting better. Apple is making best tech on the market, with the launch of smartwatch it seems that usefulness to daily life. Other inventions like MacBook and iPad were great at productivity and for web browsing. iWatch is the first attempt for making a smart watch, a trend that is exploded with Apple’s manufacturers.

Whereas, the most popular smartwatch is Moto 360 as it looks beautiful and competes other smart watches released till date. Moto 360 claims itself to be the ‘Best in class’. So, Apple watch needs only not only to keep up with but in order to stand a chance of taking on which is becoming a wearable product in daily life.

Moto 360 vs iWatch

Lets us see how Apple’s iWatch compares with Motorola gadget in comparison. Get the story here.

Moto 360 v/s iWatch

Display that redefines traditional styling

The screen of Apple Watch has sapphire touchscreen. It can tell difference between tap and press a right click. Moto 360 has a 1.56 inch LCD and 205 ppi display. The Apple iWatch order to compete with Moto 360 needs to defeat it in fashion area. Apple should follow the footsteps of Motorola as a timepiece should be a fashion piece. Motorola has launched a tech device that can do multitask work and is fashionable at same time.

While other brands like Pebble smart watch, Samsung and LG have not been able to attract non-techies because of their look.

Design and build 

Apple iwatch has a rectangular bezel and screen, while Moto 360 comes in a round screen and bezel. With so many square watches, Moto 360 stands out in terms of design. Apple has a 18 karat version of watch and looks good in gold and silver of the metal chassis.

Apple watch comes in 2 sizes and 3 collections, Apple watch comes with a polished or black stainless steel or silver anodized aluminium case and sport band, along with Apple Watch edition with 18 karat rose or gold case.

Amazing Operating System

Apple needs to remake iOS as it looks elegant as a piece of jewellery around your wrist.  Since, iWatch OS will be the first to run on jewellery, its design is important than UI design of an OS in Apple’s history.

Apple has seeded out the iWatch SDK to BIG developers like facebook in order to showoff some applications. iWatch will work on both iOS 8’s HealthKit and HomeKit opening to all kind of potential usage scenario. Apple needs a great USP to prove consumers and industry that the smartwatch will work.

Long battery life 

Moto 360’s battery will last less than 24 hours on a single charge. As smartwatch cannot match the kind of battery life, any smartwatch that needs to charge for less than 24 hours is not a starter.

This could one area where iWatch will upstage everything that comes before.

Wireless charging

Moto 3560 will get recharge from included wireless Qi charging stand and there is nothing to plug the Moto 360 into.

iWatch needs similar wireless charging and Apple can do away with any kind of stand. You can place your iWatch for charging process.

Sensors and more sensor 

One thing that makes a smartwatch appealing is its sensors. Moto 360 has a pedometer and optical heart rate monitor making Moto 360 very useful. Adding more sensors to it like NFC for mobile payments and other advanced biosensors.

Powerful Software

The home screen on Apple watch is bright as Apple UI, which is different to Moto 360 which looks elegant. Apple Watch home screen is full of dots which you can scroll. Apple iWatch communicates from the wrist by sending messages and answering phone calls.

Motorola and Apple watches are health and fitness devices as Motorola is giving something stylish to wear. These devices have accelerometer, uses iPhone’s GPS. It can even measure your heartbeat.

Tech Specs For Moto 360

  • Display: 1.56 inch LCD
  • Processor: OMAP 3
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Battery: 3200mAh
  • OS: Android

Tech Specs For Apple Watch

  • Display: 1.5/1.6 Retina display
  • Processor: S1 System in package (SiP)n
  • Rest specs are to be announced

Irrefutable X-factor

Moto 360 is set bar that how a smart watch should look. Its features are amazing making the consumers to buy it. Apple has a chance to swoop in. Many people are still cannot believe that smart watch will work on not.

They need to understand its concept in order to make it necessary as a smartphone.

Final Verdict

The main difference lies in the display, design and customization options for the bands of Apple watch when compared to Moto 360. If one wants a smartphone on your wrist in case Apple Watch looks modest like Moto 360.

Moto 360 vs iWatch

Apple watch will cost 349 USD for small watch and 399 USD for large one. Moto 360 will cost 249 USD.
Though Moto 360 is winning the battle but its drawback is its poor battery life and Apple fans are wishing that Apple should work on this feature.


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