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How to active Google Chrome Adblock?

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Now days internet marketing, online advertisements are being at it’s peak, as we know the internet is becoming a major part of our lives, one survey is taken by us media and they found 80 percent of young youth are using internet every day.

As we know whenever we open any website some irritating add shown on that website and hence we close the website and don’t want to go again on that website, but how many websites you are going to ignore 1,2,3…, today mostly every website has a adds on their website. So we have to chose an alternative way for it. For the solution of this problem today I am going to show you the way to active Google Chrome Adblock.

Means after using the below trick (extension) you will able to block all the ads which are displayed on websites.

How to active Google Chrome Adblock? – Procedure

1)      Open Google Chrome browser

2)      Now go to option and select Tools

3)      Now select Extensions

Google Chrome Adblock

4)      After that click on “Get more extensions”

5)      Now in search box type “Adblock” and search

6)      Now select the “Adblock” in extensions tab

7)      Now click on the + button on Adblock

Google Chrome Adblock

8)      After that Adblock will download and automatically installed on your Google Chrome browser

9)      Now you will see the Adblock extension on your browser bar

10)   And ads are now shown on any website

Note: There are lots of options available in Adblock extension, you can easily choose the options which types of ads you want and which type of ads you want to block on your browser.

For Adblock option

1)       Click on Adblock extension

2)      Now select options button

Google Chrome Adblock

3)      One new tab will open

4)      Select the Filter list tab

5)      Now you see the lots of options of ads block

Google Chrome Adblock

6)      Simply select the add which you want to block

7)      Click on ok

Now your selected ads are blocked, select adds will not show any more on any website.

If you want to delete the Adblock extension then simply follow the below steps

Delete Adblock extension – procedure

1)      Open the Google Chrome browser

2)      And now right click on Adblock extension

3)      And click on “Remove from chrome” button

Google Chrome Adblock

4)      After clicking on “Remove from chrome” button Adblock extension will remove from your browser

If you like the Adblock extension then you can also donate some money to the developer of Adblock extension.

Give a donation to the Adblock extension – Procedure

1)      Click on Adblock extension

2)      Select  “Help spread the word!” button

Google Chrome Adblock

3)      Now click on “Pay for Adblock”

4)      After that one new tab will open

5)      Now select the amount which you want to donate

Google Chrome Adblock

6)      And click on proceed and do your banking transaction

I hope you like Adblock extension and also this article about Adblock extension, if you will get any problem in above steps then let me know in below comments.


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