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5 cheap and easy ways to blog in 2015

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Whether you are a novice or skilled at the craft of blogging, everyone likes to save money, right? Like with most things money is time and time is money. Researching to find out what the least expensive way to secure your ideal domain takes time. Finding a reliable host takes time. Deciding what topic to blog about that will both satisfy you and your readers takes time. Keeping your audience invested and maintaining your blog takes time. We understand. And so, to alleviate some of that blogging anxiety, we’ve summed up five basic ways to help get you through 2015 blogging cheaply and easily. Think of it as a therapeutic manual for bloggers. Any time you get lost or need inspiration just come back to review the suggestions below. We’ll be here.


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Purchase A Domain Name

If you haven’t already realized it, the internet, like the world consists of neologisms o (made up words) and “real” root words and phrases. The question is what do you want people to remember day in and day out as they visit your blog? Which they will, because your blog will rock. What name rolls easily on the tongue and isn’t hard on the eyes? While it may seem simple to pick a name, it really is something to consider before you invest. Consider picking something that has to do with you are what you will be blogging about. Be sure to pick a back up name because your first choice may not be available. You can find out if your chosen domain is taken here.

Secure Hosting

Having your domain is a bit like trademarking a book title. You have the name, but you have no place to put all the words and write the book until you get a publishing house. Hosting is essentially just that. Where are you going to find a company to store your material and make all of your greatness known? Most likely the place you purchase your domain also offer hosting services. Quite often there are even packages or bundles dependent upon how much you write or post media. You will need to determine what your requirements are, but you can always start small and then build up later. Affordable beginner packages can be found for as little as a few pounds per month, but chances are you will eventually need to upgrade to some of the bells and whistles. Some of the bells and whistles may include dedicated servers, expanded customer services, faster bandwidth, or VPS hosting.

Use A User-friendly Blogging Platform

With so many free blogging platforms to choose from you really have no excuse to save money on this step. The main thing to consider is the community of support for whichever platform you choose. Some people want more flexibility and will lean towards an open source such as Joomla. Others prefer structure and don’t want to reinvent the wheel and lean towards platforms like WordPress. The idea is to maximize your time, because time is money remember? So, why not choose something that is a little easier to navigate. Although templates are offered, these are just basis of your blog and you can often change the color, layout, and fonts of embedded in the template to help make the blog your own. You can install the tools on your computer or visit the website and login to make changes to your page and add content.

Manage Your Own Content

Speaking of Content, the least expensive and simplest way to have content is to create your own. Yes, writing takes time, but if you are reading this article chances are you like to write. You want to blog and not outsource to find material. In which case you should write, edit, and manage your own content. A huge myth when it comes to blogging is that your articles have to be long and that you have to write epic posts every day. This isn’t true! Sometimes less is more. People will tune in for quality over quantity. This about your favourite product or TV show. Will you start using cheap perfume just because you can get bucketloads of it at the discount store? Chances are you will wait for your favourite scent to come back in stock at the store you love. The same goes for a good blog.

Have Fun

The best way to blog cheap and easy? Have Fun. That’s it. It won’t be easy if it is stressful and it will be come more expensive the more intricate it becomes. If your blog gets to that point we can always discuss monetising your blog, but that’s a post for another day. Which means, you’ll have to come back. See how we just sneaked that in there?


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