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5 Best Free Apps for BlackBerry with downloading link

A blackberry smart phone is one of the first in the list of smart phones, Blackberry starts their cell phone direct with Smart phones, they never launch any JAVA OS phones. The blackberry smart phone is very famous for their design, OS, price, looks and BBM (Black berry messenger).

If you are a Blackberry Smart phone user then you can easily download Blackberry Apps from Blackberry app world, there are millions of apps are available on blackberry app world and almost 60% of the apps in blackberry app world are free, App world also provides features to search only free Apps for Blackberry, user can also buy the apps which they want.

In today’s Post we are going to discuss 5 Best free Apps for Blackberry, which are very useful for Blackberry smart phone users, Apps which we are going to discuss is absolutely free.

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 5 Best Free Apps for BlackBerry

1) BBM (Blackberry Messenger) :

blackberry messenger

If you are a Blackberry Smart phone user then I think you don’t want an introduction of BBM, because BBM is very famous in between Blackberry users. BBM is a Messenger app which provides you facility to chat, ping, and send pictures, videos with your friends. BBM provides a unique BBM pin to every user. If you want to chat with your friends than you have to know his/her BBM pin.

2) Whatsapp:


Whatsapp is also a messenger app which provides you facility to chat, ping, and send pictures, videos with your friends, Whatsapp is most downloaded app from last 2 years, it is totally free app for every OS. By using BBM you can chat with only your Blackberry user friends, but by using whatsapp you can chat with every whatsapp user no matter user using a different operating system.

3) Navigation App – Waze:

Waze is a free navigation app, Waze is working same as Google map, It is best alternative to traditional navigation and map solutions. Almost 40 million users update the current traffic and prices, detail of important things like Gas, Petrol etc. It also provides Voice guided navigation facility.

4) Best Cloud Storage App: Box

The box is Cloud storage app which uploads your data to your Box account automatically, Box app is a good alternative for Dropbox, if you don’t want to use the Dropbox app then Box is a best option for you. Box app is very reliable and easy to use. Now days Box app comes as a preinstall app with blackberry 10.

5) Weather App – AccuWeather

Free Apps for BlackBerry

AccuWeather is Weather app which shows you to the current as well as future (10 days) weather forecast.  By using AccuWeather, you can easily review the weather forecast for up to 10 days. It also provides an alert feature for users. AccuWeather app updates very frequently to show you the exact weather forecast.


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  1. Hello Harshit,

    I am having some questions in mind. But before moving on it I will update you about my handset and plan.

    – BB 9300
    – Vodafone as Service provider
    – 2G normal GPRS plan (no BIS)
    – Opera and other stuffs working fine with it.

    Now I wanted to know if Google maps will work on my mobile with proper navigation?
    If not then is their any other maps which I can use without activating BIS or any BB plan from Vodafone.


    • Shobhit, Google Map will not work with a normal internet plan, you can download other maps from the blackberry app world, I didn’t remember any map app name but I’ll give you app name very soon.

      • Thanks Harshit. Will wait for your reply.
        Reason behind asking is: I had ordered BB Z-10 and if the maps wont work with it then forcefully I have to take BB services from Vodafone.
        Which is something I don’t want at all 🙂

  2. Hello sir, I want to ask that I am using blackberry9700 in this phone can I use facebook on facebook application for blackberry on normal data plan is there any trick to use it pls tell me but on normal data plan.

  3. I have a problm in my blackberry 9800…when I download any app from blackberry world….downloading is not starys ana there is a error of no cached credential…..sir….help me

  4. my blackberry bold has a australia phone in this i m not able to make blackberry id or not able to sign in or up pls tell me how it is possible

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