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5 Most anticipated smartphoneof 2014

5 Most anticipated smartphone of 2014

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Smartphones have been very useful for the users and therefore many companies are coming up with the innovative and stylish instruments to the markets, which have lots of features to be offered to the users who can enjoy their benefits easily. When we see many big players like Apple, Google, Sony, HTC, Nokia are coming up with many new smartphones, the other small players are trying to capture some portion of smartphone market by release their high end devices.

Among those Acer, Lenovo are looking pro-active and they have their flagship smartphones expected to be released soon in coming months. When we talk about big players, we have Apple’s flagship iPhablet i.e iPhone 6 is expected to be released sometime before Christmas this year and two another biggies from South Korea techie, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 are due for release sometime in Sep/October this year. It’s not just about Apple or Samsung, we have HTC One MINI2, DESIRE 610 and Xperia Z3, Xperia Z1 compact will be uncovered from HTC and Sony respectively during 3rd quarter of this year. So if we talk about the upcoming smartphones, the list is going to be very big. To make list short, I have listed down few impressive ones. Here we go:

5 Most anticipated smartphoneof 2014

5 Most anticipated smartphone with excellent features and robust hardware system

Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact:

This is a miniature or compacted version of Xperia Z1, which has similar features, but a 4.3 inch display with the 16GB internal memory that can be expanded with the MicroSD card and 720p high definition display with 20.7MP camera that would capture fantastic images enabling users to achieve the highest quality with the smartphone itself.

Acer Liquid Z5:

For those who want to go in for the smartphones that tends to be economical and fits within their budgets, this is the best phone from Acer that packs a punch with its big 5-inch display and 1.3GHz processor, aptly supported by the 0.5GB RAM. The rear camera delivers images of 5 megapixel quality and has internal storage that can be expanded by using the MicroSD cards as one would like to have.

Galaxy Note 4:

After the great success of Galaxy Note 3, the South Korea techie is coming up with yet another sequel of Note series smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4. According to the rumors, Samsung is going to release Galaxy Note 4 sometime during Sep/Oct to take advantage of festival season purchases. Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature 20 megapixel camera, High speed processor supported by 4 GB RAM.

iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 is the most anticipated smartphone of the year 2014 as per the study conducted in the US by a research firm. The Cupertino California based tech giant is following new trend of release of their flagship smartphone in Sep/October and iPhone 6 is expected to be released during the same time this year too.

Lenovo Vibe Z:

With the 4G technology picking up, Lenovo has come up with its first phablet, that tends to have a full HD display (1080i) and 16GB internal memory, which is backed with the MicroSD storage cards. This also uses a quad-core processor in the form of 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, while operating at a high speed backed up with its 2GB RAM, assuring powerful interactions with the users.

Apart from hardware system, above smartphones will come up with different apps pre-installed. To name a few like ChatOn, utility apps, game apps etc. However people can install WhatsApp latest version, Facebook, twitter and other desirable apps from respective stores.

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