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10 top software for pc

10 Best software for PC – With download links

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Whenever you buy a new computer or laptop your next step is to  install the essential (Needed) software on your brand new PC. Every user wants the best software for PC which he/she needed for their work.

Every windows PC comes with pre install software’s which are very useful for users but we all know they are not enough for user, so we download the software and install that software on our PC for better work experience. There are millions of software’s available on internet for different purposes many times we found lots of software on internet for a specific purpose but actually we have no idea which software can work better for them. So for this problem we are going to describe the 10 Best software for PC.

10 top software for pc

10 Best software for PC

1) Microsoft Office: Microsoft office is the first software which you ever need. Microsoft office provide us a bunch of software’s on it named:

  • Microsoft Word: It is editor software with lots of features.
  • Microsoft excel: Basically used For preparing sheets for specific tasks.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint is used for creating Slides for presentation.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Outlook is used for manage Emails.
  • Microsoft Published: It is used by web developers.
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010

And list continues…

2) Antivirus: Antivirus is the most important software for PC, it protect the PC from viruses, attacks, etc. there are many antivirus software’s available in market, but truly few are work properly and protect our PC and give Security to our Data. Antivirus scan our PC time to time and detect and delete if any virus was found in any file, it also scan every external device which is to be connected to our PC like Pen drive, external Hard disk etc. We describe some best Antivirus software below.Best software for PC

Best software for PC

3) Web Browser: Now days every 9 users out of 10 using internet on their PC, We all wants to browse internet frequently and user friendly browser. In windows OS by default browser is internet explorer but all internet user knows internet explorer sucks, now a days no one using internet explorer any more. So you have to install a other web browser for frequenting web browsing. In today’s date Two web browser are very famous and free for use, named below: 

  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome is fast, secure and main thing it is user friendly browser and also offers synchronization.


  • Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is also Good web browser, main features of Mozilla Firefox is offer customizable, and offer synchronization

4) CC Cleaner for maintains: Every PC should maintain properly and time to time update. CC cleaner provide you lots of features like clear Temporary, junk, internet browsing history, caches, memory dumps etc. in one click. It also provide many features:

  • Registry cleanerBest software for PC
  • Registry Issues
  • Uninstall programs
  • Edit Startup programs
  • System Restore
  • Data Wipe

And list continues…

5) Video player: Video player is must on every PC, because everyone is like movies, videos etc., Windows OS comes with by default video and audio player named Windows media Player, but many time users faced the problem with windows media player on time of playing .mp4, .mkv etc. format videos. So we suggest you to download VLC media player for better video experience.

  • VLC Media Player: VLC Media Player most downloaded and used from last 7 years, VLC Media Player is easy to use, user friendly, support all type of video format and I am sure that it will give you better video experience.

6)  PDF Reader: PDF Reader is also important software for PC. If you want to read any Ebook or want to read .PDF document then you have to install the PDF reader on your PC. There are many PDF reader software are available for free on internet but many of them not provide you user friendly software, I am suggesting you to download Adobe PDF reader.

  • Adobe PDF Reader: Adobe PDF Reader is provided by adobe and company does not charge any cost . Adobe PDF reader gives you better user experience in comparison of other PDF reader software’s. It gives many features like marking, comment, add note, printing editor etc.

7) Unzip, Zip and Extract: Many times we unzip or Extract the .ZIP or .RAR files. Windows OS does not come with any by default software for zip, unzip and extract files. For this purpose you have to download software. I suggest you to download the WinZip for it.

  • WinZip: WinZip is most downloaded and user software for zip, unzip and extract functions, WinZip is not free but trial version of WinZip is available on internet.

8) Photo Editor: If you love photography or want to edit your photos then there are various type of software available with user friendly functionality. I am describing 3 best photo editor software below:

  • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is most popular photo editor from last 12 years provided by Adobe, every photographer edit their photos in Adobe Photoshop and if you don’t have any knowledge about Adobe Photoshop then use YouTube and watch the tutorial I am sure that you will learn it very few time.
  • PhotoScape: PhotoScape is a free software to use, it has not many functions like Adobe Photoshop but it gives you good experience of photo editing, PhotoScape is very easy to use, you can easily edit your photos without learning the software.
  • Picasa: Picasa is free software for photo sharing and editing, Picasa is using worldwide and very famous in youngsters for photo sharing.

9) Watching, converting, and burning videos: Many times we wants to convert the format of audio and video file, there or many software available on internet for this purpose but few are working properly. One software named Free make Video Converter is best for this purpose.

  • Free make Video Converter: Free make Video Converter is free software for use, it convert the audio and video file from one format to another easily.

10) Skype: Skype is a free voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client, If you want to talk your friends, family who lived in other corner of counties then Skype is best option for you because Skype allow us call any Skype Contact for free.

Best software for PC

Hope you like our article on 10 Best software for PC, if you found any problem or you have any dowbt in any software then let me know me in below commenting.


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