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10 Best MacBook Apps Which you should use!

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Hello Techy Readers, Today we here for our MAC Book users, Yeah we started one more series on TechyPassion, from now we will also post articles on MacBook, so we are starting with the 10 Top MacBook Apps.

best macbook apps

If you’re opening a new Apple MacBook Air, Mac Mini or iMac today, here’s our roundup of the Best MacBook apps you have to download initially. These are the necessary applications that the Mac-using members of our team speak highly of.

Top MacBook Apps which you should use

1 Google Chrome

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Internet web browsers are a matter of taste and OS X possesses a perfectly great providing in the form of Safari. If you’re an all-Apple person, Safari’s attributes like cross-device sync and Reading List make it a good option. Nevertheless, if (like many of The Next Web team) you combine and match an Apple computer system with, state an Android or Windows Phone mobile tool or a Windows 8 ipad, Chrome is a much better bet.

2. Firefox

top macbook apps

Mozilla Firefox is among the best browsing software’s with its straightforward interface and broadband browsing experience. This application is definitely the need to have app by every Mac user to enjoy their surfing openly.

3. Email: Airmail

macbook air apps

Apple’s very own OS X Mail app is merely fine for many people, although some hanker after something a bit additional light-weight, and those with Gmail accounts have been blighted by compatibility issues with Mail in OS X Mavericks.

Price $1.99

4. Calendar: Fantastical

OS X has the fundamentals, like a calendar app, covered. For power customers however, there’s Fantastical. Although perhaps best recognized for its iOS equivalent, Flexibits’ Mac version is created with the knowledge that your schedule is a consistent visibility in your life yet that you should not need to function as well challenging to make it help you.

5. VLC

Quicktime gamer is used by default in the Mac OS but VLC gamer is one gamer that may not have a complex look yet is absolutely efficient in playing all sorts of video clip files. It supports nearly all sorts of codecs required for playing videos.

6. Tweetbot

If Twitter’s internet site isn’t really enough for your tweeting requirements, Tweetbot for Mac is far and away your ideal alternative on the Mac. Although Twitter has its very own indigenous Mac app with fundamental fundamentals like assistance for a number of accounts, Tapbots has taken an uncommon focus on information in making sure that Tweetbot is an innovative tweeter’s dream, similar to the iOS version.

Price $19.99

7. Pixelmator

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Many people do not recognize that you can do really standard picture editing (cropping, rotating, color tweaks etc) in the Preview app that comes with OS X. If your demands are higher than that but not advanced enough to pay out for Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator is an excellent option.

Price $29.99

8. Evernote

It constantly obtains included in listings such as this, so exactly how could we leave Evernote out? This flexible, expandable system with a widely-used API is almost associated with online note-keeping nowadays. Continue notes, listings, photos and even more all in one location, obtainable with whatever gadget you need to hand. An apparent download whether you stick to the Apple ecological community or otherwise– you’ll desire this in your dock.

9. iStat Menus

Macs are recognized for pretty good memory and power management however there’s constantly a couple of applications that fall through the fractures and cause issues. iStat Menus assists you protect against concerns like that before they even start. Decide on the sorts of functions you intend to monitor and they’ll sit in your food selection bar and enable one click accessibility to a total concept of every little thing using memory, CPU, and battery.

Price $16

Link  http://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/

10. Save time typing: TextExpander

TextExpander allows you to establish key-board shortcuts for words and phrases that you typically type. Make certain you do not get the version in the Mac App Store, as that is now rather old. The variation on Smile’s internet site is up-to-date and fully suitable with OS X Mavericks. It may seem expensive, but it saves us important time, continuously.

Price – $34.99

So these are the Some best MacBook Apps which you should use in your MacBook, If you found any more useful app then share with us using below comment box, so that we can add more useful apps for MacBook on our article.


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