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Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks

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Today Android is a most popular OS platform in mobile phone, 79% of global Smart phone users using Smartphone on Android platform. Android OS has lot’s of features, if you are beginner in android then today’s post will be surely helpful for you, In this post we write about Android Tips and Trick.

Android tips tricks

Top 10 essential Android Tips and Tricks

1)     How to Add a WebPage Icon to Home Screen?

If you want to frequently access any webpage then you can set that page on your home screen then

  • 1)      Open your web browser
  • 2)      Open the webpage which you want to add To your home screen
  • 3)      Tap or a long press on the screen and select save to bookmark
  • 4)      Then tap or click on add to and select home screen
  • 5)      Now you see your bookmarked page shortcut is available on your home screen

Now you can easily access your web page from the home screen. If you want to delete that shortcut then tap or Long press on the webpage icon then it shows delete option tap or click on delete for deleting the webpage Shortcut.

2)     How to setup mail account in Android?

Android provides free email app on every Android device with multiple mail account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other. If you want to access your email account through your Android device then follow these steps :

  • 1)      Open email app which is by default available on every Android device.
  • 2)      Enter your Email address and Password
  • 3)      Then tap or click on verifying button
  • 4)      Now select the options which you like and tap or click on next button
  • 5)      Enter your name which you want to show in your outgoing emails
  • 6)      After that tap or click on finish button

Now you can access your email account from your Android device easily and your emails are automatically synchronized in your Google account which is registered in your Android device.

3)     How to backup and synchronized data in Android?

If you want to take backup of your android device data then no problem you don’t have to install any app for this because android gives you direct option to backup and synchronize your data without using any app. For taking backup just follow these steps:

  • 1)      Go to menu and click or tap on setting menu
  • 2)      Then click or tap on backup and synchronize option
  • 3)      Select the option to backup my data and automatically restore also you can take your backup            in your email id by filling your email address in options.
  • 4)      Now whenever you want to restore your data you just go to backup and restore data opting select restore option or you can also restore your data from your email account.

4)     How to force reboot Android device?

If you are facing problem of freezing of mobile phone and want to force restart your phone then

Just simultaneously Power Button + Home Key + Volume up button.

5)     How to reboot Android in safe mode?

If you want to reboot your android device in safe mode like computers then

Just long press the power button after that android device shows a confirmation message about rebooting your device in safe mode.

Note: if you are rebooting your device in safe mode then all third party apps will be disabled automatically. These apps will enable again when you restart your device in normally.

6)     Hot to get detailed information of android device?

If you want to get your detailed information of your Android device then just dial *#*#4636#*#*

It will show you your phone information, battery information, usage and also wifi information.

7)     How to move apps from phone memory to SD card?

If you want to move your phone memory apps to SD card then just go to

Setting > Application settings >  Manage applications > after that select apps which you want to move > then you will see the move to SD card option click on it.

After that your selected apps will move from phone memory to SD card.

8)     How to Factory reset and Hard reset Android device?

If you want to Hard reset or Factory reset your android device then don’t worry you don’t need to install any third party app. Because android gives you facility to hard reset and factory reset directly by dialing some numbers.

For Factory Reset : dial *#*#7780#*#*

For Hard Reset : dial *2767*3855#

9)     How to track Android device?

Google recently announced Android Device Manager is now officially live. Using this service Android OS user can easily track down their lost or Stolen Android phones, Tablets using a new Google’s Android device manager. I already write a post on Track android device.

For more details click here.

10)   How to find the IMEI of android device?

If your android device gets stolen by someone and you want to know your IMEI number of your Android device then just see this post.

Do read : How to find IMEI number or stolen Android device?


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